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  1. mjt's post in Converting/opening ROQ files was marked as the answer   
    ffmpeg can convert into .roq format much easier:
    with audio:
    ffmpeg -i inputfilename.containerextension -ab 256k -ar 22050 -r 30 -s 512x512 outputfilename.roq
    without audio:
    ffmpeg -i inputfilename.containerextension -r 30 -s 512x512 outputfilename.roq
    The reverse should work just as fine but might need some different parameters.
  2. mjt's post in OpenJK: Galak_Mech crashes game when spawned in JK2 was marked as the answer   
    The Galak Mech only crashes my game when I set r_lodbias to -2 -1 works fine, 0 as well.
    Is that an issue  maybe?
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