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  1. COOL, finally remembered to check up on the mod and THIS was a nice surprise! Thank you, modders!
  2. He he he, it would definitely help with waiting for reviews/discounts...
  3. Great to read that the mod is still moving to completion. BTW, I'm sure all of you know about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order coming in November. What are your thoughts on an already seen gameplay? IMO it looks far too console-like, clunky and led-by-the-hand and I'm much more looking forward to your mod than the new game. Naturally, I hope I'm wrong, things will be fleshed out untill release and both the mod and the new game will be worth playing.
  4. I too check this forum from time to time. But please, don't go for perfection. Plants and water can ALWAYS look even better.
  5. Thank you for the info, NumberWan! And thank you for the hard work you guys are investing into the project!
  6. I'm sorry if I come across a bit pushy, but you guys could post a post or two every couple of months, right?
  7. We ask, therefore we care. Anyway, great to see that the mod is alive and kicking.
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