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  1. Knights of the Force and Knights of the Fallen Empire are definitely different things. Anyway, to the model itself: This is slick. Needs work still, but it's looking nice so far. I can't wait to ram a blaster barrel down this guy's throat in SWTOR. If/when you decide to finish it, you should see about making Thexan as well. Great job dude!
  2. Are those legit DC17's?? Where and how??!!
  3. This looks amazing in game. I have the hooded/masked model replacing my Reborn Masters. Unf. Thank you.
  4. I can definitely see mp turning into a blockfest with a manual block.
  5. And here I was just gonna baddly paint parts of the e-11 white. Thank you so much for this.
  6. This is amazing. You are amazing. I use a fair share of model and texture .pk3s and edit the .npc/.sab files manually to use the new assets, such as TFA stormtroopers or Reborn Masters using the hooded Malgus model, but other then that I don't use anything game altering. I'm still wetting my feet with JK modding, but I think I have a decent handle on the basics. KOTF was the first total conversion that I tried when I bought JKA, but it felt.. poorly made.. and wasn't really my cup of coffee.
  7. I like this idea. Best of luck on your venture dude. I have thought about finding and editing Tavion's voice files to make her sound more masculine and robotic so I can use some of the male models to replace her, like Malgus or Kylo.
  8. Yeah I learned that after some trial and error yesterday. Thanks eez.
  9. Would you be able to elaborate on this @? Or point me to where I might learn such a thing?
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