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  1. Should make Rey and Kylo Ren models next and possibly some other ones (maybe) but make Rey and Kylo a Priority lol please these are beautiful models for this game
  2. Yeah i tried making my own NPC file for him using NPCTool but it still didn't work sadly, hopefully you can Fix this RevanKnight
  3. Wow this looks good and hey would you be willing to release those Kanan and Ezra models? i have been dying to add them to my game lol
  4. This is a Great model for being a Beta BUT i can't spawn Him the NPC is broken
  5. Looks like a Creepypasta Power Rangers Villain lol
  6. I know this might take forver but you should make a Retexture pack for the NPC's in the game to make them look better textured and more realistic looking. just an idea and would be cool
  7. I install it but the game doesn't play well with me so i assume im not doing something right
  8. There already is a Prequel Conversion mod now there needs to be a Sequel Conversion mod also good job on the Blaster DT your work is always outstanding should try to make a Kylo Ren,Luke EP7 and Rey models i man i got a Rey and Finn models that are pretty good but i want to see if you can make ones that are 10 times better
  9. Looks like Spider-Man on LSD lmao but besides that 10/10 skin man
  10. This would be good for a RP map nice work man
  11. Hey i want to Make that Finn model a NPC for the Jedi Academy but i don't know how im using NPC Tool and im not doing something right cause it doesn't work if anyone knows how to make a NPC file correctly can you please help me out? please and thank you

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    2. Circa


      In my opinion its just easier to copy and paste. Look at what other NPC files look like, and how they behave. I usually just ask, "what do I want this NPC to act like?" and go to the closest one that's already in the game. So if it's a sith, I go for Tavion or Desann. Copy and paste the file, rename it, and edit it in Notepad. Super easy.

    3. Darth_Tantrum


      Thanks circa i got the NPC to spawn on the map but everytime Finn see's a enemy the game crashes and says ''Adjust mini heap size'' do you know why? i play on KOTOF

    4. Darth_Tantrum


      Oh well i got the Finn NPC to work i had to take off Kylo Ren, Thanks for your guys help it is much appreciated and Circa your method is much easier and faster Thanks.

  12. How do i make him a NPC? he doesn't show up on the NPC tool im a noob at using it i just now downloaded it cause i just now heard about it
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