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  1. Its one that comes with MBII, if you have the mod, you can look in MBHilts.pk3 for the saber.
  2. Anyone knows the results of the holiday competition? I think I dont have enough posts to view the thread

    1. eezstreet


      The postcount requirement has been lowered.

  3. Sure thing guys, Im not in my house atm so I'll make a base version at night. (5:30 pm atm in Chile, I should arrive at 10:00 pmish)
  4. @Darth_Tantrum now this is funny, I had two of my testers report this a while ago, the tree textures were missing for them, and they were fine for the rest of my testers. I've fixed the issue for those two testers ever since, so it's kind of weird. I will look into it but, are you sure you are loading it in MB2 and all that stuff (Shouldnt be the cause, but you could try anyway) Sure, but what do you have in mind? Same map, just with the player and a NPC?
  5. @zeƒilus Yes, it is not completely on spot in relation to the movie because I haven't watched it myself, I got inspiration from reading the plot, a few trailers and Disney Infinity's TFA Playset. Once I watch it I intend to make this even better and more spot on in relation to the movie. @dark_apprentice I assume you are loading the map in MB2 right? And what do you mean "for first time"? Does it fix itself when you load it a second time?
  6. @UltimateForceUser Yes I thought something similar, I just didn't want to overdo it since this is the only snowy tree model I could find for quake3. And using the same model way too much in the same area might not look so good. But I will try experimenting with more trees next version! Thanks for your suggestion!
  7. Version 1.1


    Smallish map I made for the JKHub Holiday Competition, I am a big fan of Star Wars and I've made some maps for the MBII mod, but most of them have been mostly for fun gameplay. This is my first "serious" map based on a movie. I haven't really watched the movie yet, but I read the whole plot and took inspiration from other places, this project was also highly experimental as I tried many different things I've known but never used, I hope you enjoy it! Full Siege MB2 map coming soon! Now also compatible with base!
  8. Okay, I completed my MBII duel map based on EP7 and I have one final question: Since it is for MBII, can I post it as it is, or do you guys need a base version to allow my entry?
  9. I've been working on a holiday themed remap of Duel of the Fates. Do the restrictions apply here? Must it also have a reference to Episode 7? I'd like to participate with this remap, but if by the reasons I mentioned earlier it can't. Then I will start creating a new map.
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