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    Gothic, darkness, stealth, angularity, females, veela, digital art, weapons, dark elegent clothing/makeup, anime, black, jk2/jka, PC games, ravens, wolfs, huskys, dragons, bayonetta, japanese food and culture, dark music (ex: max million - utter oblivion and Asura - Life² ), mechas, hate for rosh penin.
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    Texture Artist
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  1. Great job on this mod :0! defiantly worth first place ^^!!
  2. Vezonia

    Happy Halloween!

    Congrats to you all :0! Definantly look forward to future contests like this ^^
  3. Need a custom playermodel JK2/JKA? you can PM and we can negotiate the price ^^ or through email if you prefer: vezon122piraka@gmail.com

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    2. swegmaster


      wait wot are we paying for this =p

    3. Vezonia


      Ya for any custom models if ya want. Making player models takes a lot more time than digital illustrations. I will be still making free personal models here though, it would just take time but for a custom model, it would be on top priority

    4. Smoo
  4. That sounds like a lot of fun :0. And having your own model would make it even better for sure. Modeling is a lot of fun, just takes time but it's defiantly worth it. If you need any modeling help like topology flow, steps, or anything that you may need help with blender if you are using that, I would be glad to help ya out.
  5. Speaking of "witch", I like the grudge npc idea, I would DL if I had the Internet working though ):
  6. Yup ^^ just uploaded it like a minute ago lol, just waiting for approval. Couldn't make it in for the contest though cause of certain things and no internet, had to upload with my phone.. D:
  7. Vezonia



    Her name is Zarah and she is a demon from the underworld >8D Unfortunately I was unable to get her in the Halloween contest but I'll still upload her anyway (through my phone cause my internet for my comp isnt working Dx)xD. Everything is made from scratch from initial concept, models, textures, sounds, etc. Comes with two models, one with wings and one without but both have team support and with glowy shaders and reflective shaders for the body harness. Enjoy ^^! Zarah by Vezonia on Sketchfab Zarah Winged by Vezonia on Sketchfab _______________________ Email: vezon122piraka@gmail.com Patreon: www.patreon.com/vezonia Deviantart: vezon122.deviantart.com Facebook: www.Facebook.com/vezon122art
  8. Just saw this D: But ya that sounds like an idea for a future model
  9. Hello everyone! I am currently live streaming a upcoming model ^^ if you want to check it out, here is the link to the stream: https://picarto.tv/Vezonia I am modeling this lil demon right here ^^
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