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    It is a very good addon, but can you try making the blade as long as Desann had in Outcast? Only for the player model. Because the normal blade lenght isn't going well with his saber.
  2. Can you make this for Jedi Academy?
  3. Because I plan to make a movie, used Jedi Academy. I understand that it takes a long time and effort to make them. But if noone wants to do any of them, then its ok (kinda used to the situation that noone helps me, when I need help). And I remove my posts.
  4. Sorry for OFF, but I cant PM for some reason, because the site wont allows me. MagSul, can I ask you to make my Jedi character and his saber? With a V shaped blade tip. I have a request thread about it. Lets talk there about the details, if you accept.
  5. I searched for JA++, but I cant find it. Give me a download link please. Bonus question: does it work for SP?
  6. Original disc copy (I buyed the game from a hungarian webstore, called CD Galaxis). I lauch the game from the bat, but the mod dont want to lauch, only the base game.
  7. I'm saying this: (However, seeing your example pictures, hilts are held in random positions without your mod as well) Also, please see this. Pay attention to near the emitter. On the left, there is a hole there, then on the right, its smaller, as the hilt is rotated. http://jkhub.org/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&record=33458&id=2201&full=1
  8. I have none of those. Its just a bit weird that the hits are held with their tops are sideway or being held upside down. http://jkhub.org/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&record=33456&id=2201&full=1 For example, the sentinel hilt. The only saber I noticed to not being held sideways, upside down, or the top rotated closely to be upside down, is the arbiter.
  9. It is very good, but as Angel Soul mentioned back then, I would like to do the same. The blades still seems detached from the hilt on the picture. Or its not like that in the game? Btw I know its a bit big request, but could you made a HD quality for the game itself to match your mods?
  10. I like this fix, but a few hilts, like praetor and sentinel are upside down (but see the base pictures of this mod). Can it be fixed somehow?
  11. Hello! I downloaded your mod and installed it properly, but it dont want to start. Am I doing something wrong or I am just unlucky with your mod?
  12. I love the clothing of the twins. Cant wait to get enaugh CC to buy Thexan's clothing in SWTOR. Maybe his saber too, but I stick to the Derelict hilt. Also cant wait for SP skins for JA. And Vaylin (possible younger/older sister of the twins) is kinda weird.
  13. Derelict lightsaber from SWTOR Make it look like that its brand new (example: the black parts are completely black), It would be same lenght as the praetor hilt, so paired with the "fixed hilt mod", the character would hold it the same way. If possible, I would like a V shaped tip for the (blue) blade. Also make it "only player". By that, I mean no NPC uses it.
  14. Astrol

    Slightly off topic

    Where to get JA+ or JA++ for the game? I would like to play SP with JA+ or JA++.
  15. Derelict hilt from SWTOR (see my request topic for details at mod request)
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