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  1. Its not just Jedi Academy thats down its also Jedi Outcast, Star Trek Elite Force 1 and possibly 2, Soldier of Fortrune(I don't know about that one) and maybe a few others.Quake 3 and 4 work fine but the rest don't and I have no idea about other Ravensoft games.
  2. Its a Tie Fighter Shuttle instead of a bomber. I wonder if that scene was actually filmed using the episode 3 royal guard costume.
  3. This version of Quinlin Vos looks bumped mapped.
  4. Is that a hybrid model? Good work on the model.
  5. It looks good I haven't played Curse of Darkness in ages.
  6. The base model is too tall but with this one the size is just right.As with the animations and the way its death animations play out would it be possible to make the head section blow up leaving only the legs Rogue Squadron 3D style or is the Id tech 3 engine too old to pull this off.
  7. The royal and senate guard look good.Its nice to have a newer model/skin of the royal guard since that one looks better than the jedi outcast one but their most likely the same but enhanced version of the same model.
  8. Its almost as cheesy as Captain Plasma.Do these characters have first names? Also I've heard that the captain's name comes from a fan fiction called Tarkin's Fist.
  9. Well there is always Hirmans Darth Bane model somewhere.By the way I made the same request too.
  10. That might very well be Maul's half-saber or some tool used to fix the speeder with.Or just part of the speeder bike itself who knows
  11. They just revealed the names of the characters featured in the trailer I won't spoil it for any of you.
  12. Nevermind about the quarren jedi I already have one. How about the other five if anyone is willing to do it.
  13. How many levels does the demo have and do you get to fight any dark jedi besides your usual reborn and the like in the demo.
  14. I've only been a member for almost a few weeks now and I have some unique model/skin requests that no one has ever made aside from reskins,kitbashing, remodels and they are: A proper model/skin of Emperor Palpatine's Dark Empire Clone not just some simple reskin of Obi-wan for Jedi outcast maybe throw Dark Empire Luke into the mix. Darth Bane from the Clone Wars series believe it or not. Gorc and Pic from Dark Forces II might need it for your Dark Forces 2 mod. The Force Unleashed II Rahm Kota. Quarren In Jedi Robes and Jedi attire in general
  15. I hope this mod will be translated it some point
  16. I wonder if a faction within the New Republic/Republic is going to split and form something else like in the Legacy comics for example the Five Worlds of Corellia .Also from what the spoilers said is that the Imperial Remnant/Empire is going to be a secondary enemy later on which sounds like either a spilter faction is going to take shape or something else might happen.
  17. Is this mod going to be in russian or is it going to be translated to english?
  18. After looking at this site for a while now I've decided to join it.By the way I'm fairly new just needed to activate the validation thing.
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