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TITLE: Commander Vaang
AUTHOR: Daedra

FILENAME: zz_vaang.pk3
FILESIZE: 24.4 mb
DATE RELEASED: June, 18th 2023


Michael Mola
TOR Team

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the zz_vaang.pk3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory.


Proudly announcing Commander Vaang. He is a custom character which is non-canon to Star Wars or anything else. Thanks to Yao
Gamers on YouTube for showcasing Zovirex & Starstrider, it has given me a boost to create this. Check out their channel if you
like all things Star Wars:

I must give a very special thanks to Michael Mola. He is the voice of this character. Here you can check out his website:

If you would like him to work with you on a project you can contact him through his site.

This is the third and final custom character in a trilogy of custom characters I have put together, each one having their own voice actors
that I have sourced from Reddit.

You can find my other two custom characters to download and try out here:



This character has a lightsaber with some brand new sounds which sets it apart from any other saber, plus it's a bad guy with an
orange saber, which you don't see many of.

I want to give a super special thanks to DARTH LORD VADER for being an excellent person. One of the nicest people I've worked with!

Commander Vaang:

npc spawn vaang
playermodel vaang

Commander Vaang was a Jedi who was trained by Luke Skywalker and was the son of Starstrider. During the destruction of Luke Skywalker's academy, he was one of the
only Jedi to escape. While doing so, he was knocked unconscious by the falling debris of the academy. After regaining consciousness, he had no memory of what had
happened. He found a nearby ship and used it to leave the planetary system. He was intercepted and captured by Captain Phasma as he flew lightspeed right into the
path of The Supremacy. Phasma interrogated Vaang as to where he came from and where the location of Luke Skywalker was. Vaang had partial memory recovery from the
interrogation, and figured out that he was trained by Luke, but had no clue of his location, since after Vaang regained consciousness, the planet was empty and anyone
who survived had long gone.

Phasma convinced Vaang that Luke Skywalker was evil, and encouraged Vaang to join the ranks of the First Order. Vaang started to climb the ranks through various
training missions and field work, growing more and more powerful with the more missions he completed, and subsequently regained more fragments of his memory, notably
Jedi Powers he had previously learnt. He got so good at what he did, that he surpassed the rank of Phasma within only a few years. Vaang eventually recovered all
of his memory, which included a memory of Vaang stumbling upon Luke looking at a hologram of a brand new Death Star's blueprints recovered from the Emperor's secret
observatory on Pillio.

With this information, he informed General Hux, who informed Snoke. Snoke ordered a direct meeting consisting of General Hux and Vaang. Snoke questioned Vaang on the
blueprints he saw, as it may have been a potential threat to the First Order if Luke was in possession of these prints and was building a weapon to wipe out the First
Order. Vaang offered to put his remaining efforts towards providing the First Order with the blueprints from his memory so the super-weapon could be built to destroy
Luke Skywalker, so that if the First Order should ever find Luke Skywalker's location, they could simply wipe out the entire planet, destroying Luke within moments
before Luke could ever get a chance to bring down the First Order.

Under the direct order of General Hux and Snoke, Vaang was set a mission to go in search of Luke Skywalker and the blueprints personally with the regained knowledge
from his memory and maps to various locations of Jedi Temples from the Archives of the Empire. Vaang searched planet after planet, system after system, with no luck.
He had altered his attire throughout these systems to deal with the different elements - a cloak and hood to take care of rain and dust, a waist cloth to help keep
his armor clean from upswept dust, large boots to handle rough terrain with ease, a black utility belt, and an ancient helmet that was recovered from an ancient sith
temple purchased from the Black Market (which Vaang upgraded with enhanced regular vision, and various modes of vision for all types of planets and a breathing
apparatus to become immune to all kinds of gases, because who the hell can actually see in those regular stormtrooper helmets anyway?).

Eventually, Vaang encountered the very system he had left when the academy was destroyed. He found the remains of the academy, and scoured every area for both Luke's
body, and the blueprints. He never found Luke, but did find the blueprints for a third Death Star among the ashes of the academy. Vaang brought these blueprints back
to Snoke directly. Snoke then began work on building the weapon. Vaang helped with the construction of Starkiller Base, and even named it after his second cousin,
Starkiller (Galen Marek) which Snoke liked the sound of since the weapon actually killed stars to power it.

As a reward for both his achievement of rank and persistence to help the First Order, Vaang was summoned to meet with Supreme Leader Snoke, and was gifted a golden
Stormtrooper armor from Snoke. Snoke was impressed by how far Vaang had come since the time he had been trained by Luke, and offered Vaang training with the dark
side of the force. Vaang accepted the offer, as he wanted an edge to his combat skills that he couldn't get with his current Jedi powers. Vaang was taught dark side
powers of Force Rage, Force Lightning, Force Drain, and Force Grip. Snoke then ordered Vaang to go on various bounty hunter missions that would give Vaang the perfect
opportunity to field test his powers, so he could get an advantage in a fight against his opponents. Vaang trained until he had mastered all of the abilities taught
to him by Snoke.

Vaang's final mission to complete his training was to find Vader's Castle on Mustafar and bring a piece of it to Snoke. Mustafar was a true test for Vaang as he
traversed through molten lava ruins of Vader's Castle. He found a broken piece of the castle which was just the right for what Snoke required, and at that moment
stumbled upon Darth Vader's Bacta Tank room. Most of the room was in ruins and melting away. Vaang noticed something that was about to fall into a pool of lava, and so
he took a closer look. It was an orange kyber crystal, possibly one of the many kyber crystals Darth Vader had collected from hunting down various Jedi following Order
66. Vaang had mistook the crystal for a piece of gold, and put it in his utility belt.

Vaang brought the piece of Vader's castle to Snoke, along with the kyber crystal. Snoke commended Vaang on completing the mission, eyeing over the kyber crystal
in his hand. Snoke then threw the crystal to Vaang, which Vaang caught. Snoke told Vaang to keep the crystal as reward for the mission. Vaang asked what the little piece
of rock was, and was told it was used to power a light saber. Snoke then dismissed Vaang to leave as Vaang's training was fully complete. Snoke crafted a pure black
ring from the castle piece. Vaang used his force abilities to build himself a golden light saber using the kyber crystal from Darth Vader's castle to match his armor
(which he had an affinity for, he loved gold the same way Snoke did, as Snoke wore a golden robe).

After many years of bounty hunting, Vaang was contacted by Snoke. He was tasked with the defense of Starkiller Base, to ensure its safety and to kill any intruders in
the wake of knowing that there was a map to Luke Skywalker. Vaang commanded an army of Stormtroopers to make various camps and outposts around Starkiller Base, in case
Resistance ever decided to show up and take out the Base without the First Order's knowledge. This heavily depleted numbers of stormtroopers within the actual Base
itself. Han Solo was able to fly to Starkiller Base unnoticed, avoiding all outposts and camps, which by the time Vaang had received word that there was a trespassing
ship that breached defenses, Starkiller Base was already crumbling to pieces. Vaang wrongly believed that Starkiller Base was being fired at a planetary system (due to
the Base finishing it's energy consumption), and was destroyed together with Starkiller Base after the attack from the Resistance.

I called the character "Vaang" because "Gold" actually means "Vang" in Vietnamese and I thought that sounded cool. Also for this
character "Vaang" is pronounced as "fang", as in a snake tooth.

BUGS: None that I know about.

COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod.



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