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  1. Hey! I'm the creator of the skin. I removed my pack from the sites I'd uploaded it to a long time ago, to keep for private use. Please don't pass around links, as I'd like to keep it that way. Sorry!
  2. Azatha

    Cathar Male

    Nah, just a cathar in general. It was done for a request.
  3. Azatha


    I get 'Internal Error' when trying to download this.
  4. Ah, I wish I had the skill to create new sounds, but I don't. I'm using sounds out of a pack that's been circulating around my community for a while now. That's really cool though, wish I knew how.
  5. Hm, between that and another answer I got off the forum, I'm still 50/50 an unsure! This answer says 9, the other says I'm limited to three. Any more who can weigh in?
  6. I'm currently doing a custom lightsaber pack, and I'm on to the part where I add sounds to hilts. Every tutorial I find says you get 3 block sounds, 3 swing sounds, etc. But the base game files have up to 9, and most sound packs I've seen have 9 as well. Can i actually go up to 9, or do I have to choose just three? Will it register more than 3?
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