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  1. for the ones I'm intending to do anything about: I'll add a more obvious way to close the RGB saber popup window. MP movement is just the OpenJK "allow bunnyhopping" cvar rather than full MP movement. The menu will be updated so that it points at this. We couldn't reproduce getting stuck in cutscenes as far as I remember. I've taken out the black bars for cutscenes in widescreen - I'm not sure it's great with subtitles though. Rosh has his saber there in base too. "full" headplayermodel with 2 arguments (model + skin) should work properly after reloads. Perhaps I'll just take out the version with 1 argument if it makes things seem buggy. This was a base issue again, but is fixed. Defaulting to fullscreen seems to make sense, along with the extra menu options. A cvar to disable idle animations should be easy to add.
  2. I'm going to get some of the widescreen fixes in first, but I'll let you know once it's ready for a playthrough.
  3. I wasn't aware of much broken over openjk in the most recent alpha, but things rarely get reported. I'll put out a new build in the next few weeks and hopefully there'll be a chance for people to see if there are obvious bugs. Depending on how much time I have, I'll try to get some more widescreen aspect ratio correction stuff in.
  4. Been a while but fixed a couple of bugs people reported (no release with the fixes yet). It’s probably reached a stage where the major SP mods have all of the features from this that people actually want, which means there’s less need for this. Any major bugs that need fixing for what’s probably going to be a final release?
  5. Here are a couple of issues running Jedi Academy on OS X Lion (and also their solutions). OpenGL extensions cause the game to crash on startup. You can either solve this by disabling OpenGL extensions ( r_allowExtensions 0 ) or by using my handy Jedi Academy MP Lion launcher, which allows OpenGL extensions to work by just disabling OpenGL error checking. You can get it HERE. Put it in the same folder as your Jedi Academy MP application. Note that the launcher only works with the 1.0.1e multiplayer patch. OpenAL causes the game to run extremely slowly. You can solve this by turning off OpenAL sound. Bring up the console with (shift ~), then enter these commands: /s_useOpenAL 0 /snd_restart
  6. I didn't know about it - which version of JA enhanced was that with? Does it happen every time?
  7. And here's a new release: https://github.com/JKEnhanced/OpenJK/releases/tag/v1.0.7-alpha Fix cutscene skipping crash MP-style saber hilt list Latest OpenJK Better renderer fallback if wrong API version in set renderer Delete the z_ja_enhanced_106a.pk3 file if you have it, and overwrite your old jaenhanced.pk3 in the jaenhanced folder with the new one.
  8. tying up some loose ends for a press F edition of this
  9. Checking again, the flipped holsters option shouldn't be necessary - the holsters should always be there if you're using a gun or don't have a weapon selected at all.
  10. The holsters should always work if you switch from the saber to a different weapon.
  11. NPC sabercolours aren't networked by default, so never get sent over to the client. This was changed in the OpenJK game/cgame (though not in a very nice way), but probably not in JA++. You might be able to cherry-pick the relevant commits from OpenJK (or just copy over the changes): first one: https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK/commit/ae83820c42a83cb8d10603d86b477300aae4c4c8 second one (fixes first): https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK/commit/d3bfe2880605683f4c65abf79181a0362d5379f6
  12. I think it could be from enabling the joystick. Is this using a controller? Does the same thing happen with the joystick stuff in base JA? What's your cl_run set to?
  13. Backup your jaenhanced cfg, delete it and check if you have the same problems with default settings. If you do then there’s probably something wrong like an old dll lying around. If you don’t have a look which settings you’ve changed and let me know which is the one causing it.
  14. As far as I know I fixed that a couple of releases ago. edit: if you're still having the issues even with the latest release and you've tried narrowing which settings are the problem down I can have another look.
  15. New release with the dismemberment fix and support for click-dragging the player model in the customisation screen as seen in: (it just works by sticking a big invisible slider over the model area that modifies an angle cvar that's read off by the model) https://github.com/JKEnhanced/OpenJK/releases/tag/v1.06-alpha You'll need the pk3 for the menu changes, stick it in the jaenhanced folder. It'll be merged into the main ja_enhanced.pk3 eventually.
  16. Apparently an issue with dismemberment has been fixed for OpenJK so hopefully that'll sort out the problems.
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