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  1. I know they got PC releases, but they were ports, and not very good ones at that.
  2. Both illegal and impractical. You can get away with, technically speaking, porting a model from a game like Battlefront 2 or KotOR, but the models in TFU are far too complex for Jedi Academy's tired old modification of the Quake 3 engine to handle. Polycount is far too high, specular and normal maps aren't possible without rend2, not to mention the difficulty of extracting the model from a game not built for PC, converting it to something Jedi Academy can use, and rigging it to fit with the JA skeleton. But mostly, it's illegal.
  3. Have you considered using any of Gwendoline Christie's lines as Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones? Since, y'know, same actress and stuff.
  4. There's no restrictions on any of that, actually. You can have two texture images for the diffuse and the normal/bumpmaps, and it's recommended but not required that the model as a .OBJ is less than 500 KB. Tabletop Simulator is weird in that all files used in the game have to be hosted online, and it only takes models as raw text data, so they recommend opening .OBJ files in notepad and putting the contents up on pastebin, and uploading texture files to image hosting services such as Imgur. You can watch part of a tutorial on uploading made by the devs (for a slightly older version of the game) here.
  5. No, we use Tabletop Simulator. It's a game made in Unity that allows you to use 3D models as game pieces. So like, one step before 3D printing. It looks something like this.
  6. No, like a miniature for an RPG. We've got flat images right now, but an actual 3D game piece would be kick@ss.
  7. The reason that NPCs stand still on some maps and wander around on others is that the maps themselves tell NPCs where to wander. They have nodes and stuff to indicate where to go, where good cover is, and that sort of thing. As far as I remember, anyway. It's been a long time since I tried fiddling around with that.
  8. Do you think you could maybe make a static version that's posed intimidatingly and standing on a flat base of some sort? I run an Edge of the Empire campaign in Tabletop Simulator, and one of my players' character is an old EG-3A droid. Having that as his token would be really cool. If that's not too much trouble, of course.
  9. That model was ripped from the Clone Wars Adventures online game. I don't know if that's still around anymore, but it's technically not legal to rip assets from one game and then use them in another.
  10. No, I'm not saying we need a new model. He has the exact same armor. All I'm asking for is the tonfa. Sorry if that wasn't clear in the OP.
  11. So, as I'm sure you are all aware by now, Loyal Stormtrooper was the best character in the entire film. Which is why it's such a shame that his weapon of choice, the Energy Tonfa, hasn't been made as a weapon yet. The servers are full of the New Order's enemies, and it's his job to bring them to justice, but he can't do it without his trusty Tonfa. For serious though, this thing is awesome. Here's a bunch of reference shots.
  12. The textures were ripped as well, and made specifically to work with the ripped models. It would be just as illegal, and also impractical. Now, I'm not a modeler myself, but the most common answer I see to threads like this is something along the lines of "Do it yourself" said politely, with links to modeling tutorials we have here on JKHub, along with free programs to help you get started. I personally don't know which ones are good, but I'm sure Ashura or DT could recommend some good ones.
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