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  1. Caelum, apologize for not being an Americorn this instant!\ Also, do you bring up the matter of your IQ in every casual introduction, Carbon-based person?
  2. You must be a very unhappy man. Unless you do drugs, that surely does help. <edit> Oh, you do. Hello. Time to stop applying your morals and logic to others, even if statistically they can be considered universal.
  3. models/players/x/1 { q3map_nolightmap q3map_onlyvertexlighting { map models/players/x/2 blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ZERO rgbGen lightingDiffuse } { map gfx/effects/3 blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_SRC_COLOR tcGen environment } { map models/players/x/1 blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA rgbGen lightingDiffuse } } 1 being the texture in question, with transparency replacing the parts you want to shine, 2 being those parts, saved with the right resolution and positioning over black background, and 3 being the img you use for the shininess.
  4. I think OCZ makes decent PSUs, and it shouldn't be an issue, but you can always get one from a friend and see if the PC starts up correctly. What about the BIOS/UEFI?
  5. The cloth parts need some definition. They look like they were just painted black, though maybe it's just the brightness. Other than that, well, it is your personal skin, so there's probably parts that you're not sure about, hence the thread - name those. Or is it really only about possible additions? Maybe make the shoulders green too? Also, I'm fond of black/green (well, olive in my case), myself. Good job so far.
  6. Yeah but I think the Xen part is not done yet, hence the lack of the Steam release (waiting for it myself).
  7. I flashed my BIOS and my mobo didn't explode!

    1. OmegaSigma


      most bios are crash free now

  8. Bought Saint's Row: The Third. Now I need to pluck up the courage and flash my BIOS (Bulldozer-related BSOD and such.)

    1. KDR_3XILE


      Let me know if that Game's any good. Played the Second one but haven't yet played the third.


    2. Malkav


      I actually have a button for that (CLR CMOS) on my mobo's back panel. But yeah, I know how to use the jumper too, should it come to this. The game seemed fun when I played it before (exploitation-film-epicness style), though I imagine it can get boring quite fast (bought it mainly for the coop.)

  9. Perhaps he only owned a Genesis, like yours truly.
  10. The Incompletron. ("Mighty Incompletron of Pus-Busting")
  11. Have a smoke, or something. I think they're saying that it's actually going to be the august of 2013 now. Guess they're trying to maintain "credibility" by making new predictions before the current one turns out to be an unremarkable day.
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