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  1. I'm on Mac and I can't get BehavED to work on Crossover or Wine, and my VirtualBox does't start up anymore. Could someone, @@mrwonko, make this for me and send it to me? That would be much appreciated.
  2. I'm not familiar with Icarus or scripting in general. Could you explain a little further?
  3. I started in like 2007. Simple things like skinning, mini mods, etc. Got into bigger versions of those but nothing else like modeling and mapping really grasped my interest enough to waste my time with, though I did attempt them. I have better things to do. The simple things are good enough for me.
  4. I'm wondering if it would be possible to select the lightsaber, either with a bound key or from scrolling through inventory, and not have it turn on, but just in the hand. This isn't really necessary but I might want to use it in something in the future, if it's possible. I'm sure it has to do with coding and crap, which I cannot do. Any ideas?
  5. I could have sworn I tried that because it made sense, but the ones I had weren't like that, and now it works. Thanks man.
  6. So all the pk3 editors for Mac are now extinct and either don't work with current versions of OS X or were taken offline. Does anyone know of any current ones? I've tried just making .zip files and then renaming but that doesn't work.
  7. This looks great. I wish I could get dynamic glow to work period. It doesn't work on my MacBook. It looks so much better than without it.
  8. Dang. I miss the Void. That was the place for little known amazing modders.
  9. I wish I could make my own SP storyline mods.

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    2. Astral Serpent

      Astral Serpent

      You need entity modding for that, which involves working with already compiled map, just start on your own map and learn from there. There are some great tutorials here on JKHub, check out MUG's series.

    3. therfiles


      Yeah, and one of these day's I'll write a good SP scripting tut for you. While it is not very difficult, some aspects can get a little bit tricky. But, dude, modding SP is so awesome. You can bring your story to life with SP.

    4. Circa


      @therfiles I really want to. My forte when I modded was mainly just mini mods and animation stuff, all for SP. But I always wanted to make a story mod.


      Mapping is where I don't want to step into. I attempted that as well and I just didn't understand it at all.

  10. So glad JA is back on Mac.

    1. eezstreet


      "back"? It was never gone XD

    2. Circa


      It wasn't possible to have JA on the past 2 versions of OS X. So what I mostly mean is, back on MY Mac.

  11. The cinematics make sense I guess since there were so many options for the playermodel to be, that would be a huge amount of unnecessary FMV videos to bump up the size of the game.
  12. I'm surprised the Xbox version is bigger. The resolutions for original Xbox games were tiny and I'm pretty sure the textures were set to low. Also, it seems like the cinematics on the Xbox version of both JO and JA were prerecorded videos instead of actually being scripted in from of you like in the PC version. Maybe I'm wrong. I have them both for Xbox though.
  13. This. I found it on their website way back when.
  14. I guess you're right. I've never had a reason do all that in that video.
  15. Just saw this thread. Looks really good! I'm a full supporter of SP mods, as an exclusive SP player. Great stuff here.
  16. Did you set the PNG to transparent? I don't think simply setting them to white works.
  17. Back to the JK4 topic, I emailed LA a few years ago (4 I think), and they said there was currently no plans for anymore JK games. I can't find the email however.
  18. I always thought movement in MP was worse than SP. Actually most everything in MP is worse than SP in my opinion. Is that really not so to everyone else? I'm pretty sure there is strafe jumping in SP.
  19. Maybe not the face but the rest of it is awesome. There was the hood and cape version too. Since you don't usually see the model's face in multiplayer, I thought it was extremely good.
  20. That's the best you've seen? Have you seen RogueAgent's reskin of Toshi's Luke? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/146/shot0001nx4.jpg/
  21. I was mostly meaning Lucasarts finding a company to do it. Since Disney owns it now, I'm sure there will be new games coming soon anyway. A remade JK series and Battlefront 3 would be perfect.
  22. What would be cool is if they remade the JK series with modern graphics and animation. Then it would at least look realistic.
  23. The default stances in JA are horrific. That's why I made multiple mods changing them back in the day.
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