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  1. Well, that's actually for SP. I don't think I wanna create a stand-alone multiplayer mod, at least not now. Anyway, are you still trying to get repulse in game? Let me know whether you need some help. I might quite possibly have two older repulses I made, one of whom being the invisible saber solution (can't be done in mid air, dependant on fps) and the second one being a lot worse attempt at coding it (an unoptimised, instant, 360 degrees force push dealing about 15 dmg) - there's no need to mention that they are both very far from decent, but that's better than making it a detpack, I guess. So I can give you them if you want to base your attempt at repulse off something.
  2. Damn, I'm probably late It is possible with the source code. You have to add your custom anim into the 'animtable.h' (SP Game Library) right after the last jka anim: In my case it looks like that: And into anims.h The best solution to create Force Repulse in Jedi Academy is to simply code it. Then again, if you can't program - you should probably follow Chalk's tutorial, as it's the best solution that doesn't involve programming. Invisible saber (noweap.md3) with bouncewalls 1 and several other parameters hits the ground and creates the shockwave. You edit animevents to make the effect fire during the proper frame and have the start origin in char's body, not where the saber hits the ground.Det pack is a bad idea, as Force users can just push it and cause it to explode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJrff-u6Tik This is what you can achieve by programming, it's not that hard to do once you learn something about jka code plus it's far more stable than the detpack/saber solution. Good luck with your project!
  3. Hi guys, could someone tell me where exactly in the code is what happens if npcs fail to resist the push? I believe they either fall down in the place where they stood or they are sent few metres flying. I'd like to adjust the possibility of occuring the later variant and I was completely unable to find it. Thanks in advance. edit: Nvm, figured it out
  4. Looks as you have some animations mods, remove them and it should help.
  5. I am rather sceptical. I played this mod, and there are few things I'd like to point out: Saber Combat - good idea, worse realization. There are some undesirable things occuring during the combat, especially while fighting the Desann NPC. Even in the slowest possible mode, set in options, his counterattacks and swings are too quickly to block. And some hits pass through my block. No idea why. Also, often when I fight at close range the enemy's saber transitions kill me. The other thing about the duels I noticed is that you can win every fight by spamming blue impale. Concerning the saber animations - they are fine as long as they... are the default ones. No offence, but the running animation when you have low hp is just bad. Jump is ok. During the yellow dfa execution I can't see anything, because camera spins wildly. Other suggestions - it shouldnt be possible to block if you're out of fp. Melee - including slaps in saber combat - does massive damage, Not sure if it's because I use Real Dismemberment, but one punch from, for example, a cultist = death o.O. Crouching animation shouldn't have the transition from stand stance to crouch stance included. Gunners' AI - in my opinion you shouldn't be knocked to the ground by their kicks while crouching. JK2 Support - many glitches - the most notable one is the camera's strange position in cutscenes, haven't played through the whole campaign, but, for example, in the last level, the mirror's texture is missing. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that not all the content is yours. The most of saber system comes from OJP, but you've mentioned it somewhere here. Meanwhile, animations (but i have to admit that I am not sure): - the roundhouse kick comes from ja+, - slap, flying kick and few others come from mb2, And a small advice - you should include a version where there are no new animations, to make it more compatible with more mods. NPCs are able to use lightning for an undefined amount of time and sabers with noblade 1 have visible blade. I am kinda discouraged, but this mod would be amazing if u fixed that what I mentioned. Regards.
  6. Can map entities be edited using a hex editor?
  7. You're visible only in mirrors, like Desann in last JK2 level.
  8. I got less and less time but I am trying to do my best. As for now, I am looking for some source map files that would at least partially reconstitute tfu ones. If you dispose some you'd like share with me, then please, let me know. Thanks in advance.
  9. 1st post updated, attached a link to moddb site.
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