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  1. In any case, maybe I'll keep improving on my Boba Fett prototype and eventually release him, so that you have that version too.
  2. Looks pretty awesome! Great work! Oh man, I can actually do Clone Wars Karag Drakas now (with permission of course), since HS Kenobi will be the basis of the release. Personal skins, here I come! Wait, will that be okay?
  3. My jaw dropped as soon as I saw these screenshots. O_O Great job!
  4. This is ARC Commander Phalanx (I'll try and get a model with the pauldron soon. I was hoping to make him look like his Battlefront 2 counterpart). He started out as a Clone Captain by the time of the outbreak of the war on Geonosis and has led the 514th Pathfinders Regiment to victory several times. After the Westar-M5 was issued to ARCs, he favored the weapon in combat for its power and high rate of fire. He fights under Jedi General Karag Drakas and apprentice Kahlar Saric. The 514th often works along side Jedi General Rath Deris and his apprentice Serra Fless, in charge of the 12th Assault Brigade. He has many battles under his belt. His final major battle was at Kashyyyk during the time Order 66 was issued. During the battle, the chip malfunctioned in half the batch of 514th clones, leaving an inner conflict between those that executed the order and those who denied it, and eventually the legion broke apart with the best being placed under the 501st, and others being spread about the newly formed Galactic Empire. He let his General go and later presumed that his general died, although in reality he escaped in a stolen Y-wing and managed to exile himself to Dathomir. Phalanx continues to look for Karag to this day, but eventually gave up and started taking up drinking after his command shifted to a less desirable location in the outer rim where he polices local riffraff.
  5. Are you still having trouble with the cloth deforming to your liking? I know that was an issue. I have been following this model for awhile and I have to say, it looks fantastic still. Take your time, of course! No work should ever be rushed. Especially one such as this with fantastic quality. I'd be surprised if my computer didn't blow up in a raging inferno! lol
  6. Keep up the great work! You're doing an awesome job.
  7. I was just joking. xD But yeah, that does sound like a major plot twist. I'd be up for making a video/movie of this. Just need to wait for this model now.
  8. Oh man, that's awesome! I almost wish all these concepts were modeled now and I even had all these Imperials in Battlefront 2 (2005 version) for the mod I'm working on, because these look amazing (obviously take your time, this is just me fawning over the work being done). Love me some flametroopers! Some hot stuff right there. *suggestive eyebrow raise* Keep up the great work you two!
  9. Your work is awesome! I'm going to follow this thread closely.
  10. I actually remember that. Poor guy. This just proves that there's a difference between critiquing/offering advice and mocking/making fun of/etc. If people insist on, "If you want things done right, then do it yourselves." It's a bit more complicated than that. Some people have a hard time learning things. It may be easier for you, but it's not as easy for others. I mainly do coding and retextures - it took me awhile to learn it, but I did, but modeling is too confusing to the point it hurts my head. It's not that I'm dumb, I'm just smart in some areas and just simply ignorant in other areas - I have my expertise, other people have theirs. You can't possibly know everything or learn everything - it's completely impossible no matter how you look at it. I think that progress on that Snoke head up above is actually going pretty decently. Obviously a work in progress and I give my good luck to Langerd.
  11. I use to try and model in XSI (or at least begin by modifying stock-game Battlefront 1/2 weapons) and then my XSI didn't work anymore and I can't even run XSI ModTools 7.5 (which I need for modeling in general, with the Pandemic tools) on my 64-bit system for some....odd reason. Every workaround I found didn't work, but if people can get that to work on theirs, that could be another free option for them. Although I mentioned the other game I'm working on here, it can export to formats for other games just fine too. So I, too, have Sketchup and Blender on here and am slowly learning (I'm currently off and on modeling for Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis/Arma: Cold War Assault doing a Command & Conquer-themed mod), and I'm not even doing people right now, but attempting simple objects and learning basic UV Projection/UV mapping tutorials. Being a person that for some things it takes awhile to comprehend, I do put in the work, and it all depends on what works for you. Different people have different methods of learning - text, verbal, video tutorials (I acknowledge that video tutorials didn't use to be a thing), what have you. Skype sessions, even. While I do encourage models from scratch, slightly modifying existing models is a good jump off point. People who are rather harsh at first timers tend to discourage them from finishing their work, when at first it's already tending to be overwhelming because the person wants to do so much and doesn't slow down to process the steps. It's easy to be discouraged and difficult to build back up that motivation. I definitely get frustrated, we're merely human (if you're an alien, that's cool too! No xenophobic attitudes from me! #AlienLivesMatter). There are times where I've looked at the same few things over, and over, and over, and then I don't want to look at it for awhile (days, weeks, sometimes a couple of months). It's easy to get burned out if you do something for so long, every day. It shouldn't have to be such a chore if it's something you legitimately enjoy. Sometimes I do feel like it is, when I have my own impossible deadlines for something. If I have no deadline, I tend to have high anxiety because I have no plan. It's kind of a vicious cyclic thing for me, personally, but the difficulty differs from person to person regardless.
  12. Seriously, this is all awesome! It's about time we get more Imperials to play with! I'm imagining SP missions with all these guys, or making some films in JA again after all these years (machinimas). If we can get more Rebel trooper variants, too, in this quality, bam! Proper Galactic Civil War and post-Endor era greatness.
  13. When I first saw him, he kind of reminded me of Commander Cody.
  14. That's awesome! Love this map's progress. Keep it up!
  15. My desire to make Cobra Commander from GI Joe is...strong.
  16. I really would like a link to the Imperial Troop Transport there. Could really use it.
  17. You might have to try and create a link again to the files in order to share them publicly. I don't know why Dropbox decided this move. They said all "public folders" will become private, so I'm assuming you might have to try and create a link from them once again if you want to share the files to anyone. I have to update all my mod links for my Operation Flashpoint mod versions, etc, I think. At least I think that's what you have to do to get them to work. Otherwise, I'd try and find a different host somehow. I'm annoyed by this decision.
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