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  1. Hello. My name is Jawa Montoya. You stole my salvage. Prepare to die.
  2. Still working on the face, but I oughta show what I started on today: Again, I thank Jeff for the kitbash of Kenobi and Dooku.
  3. There are numerous SWG models that do have a hint more detail than other games, although I cannot remember which ones, unfortunately. I know the Mandalorian armor is rather good looking, imo. And can be colored easily without much trouble. Also, I think this would be nice: http://i10.tinypic.com/4cuqywm.jpg And Composite Armor: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/swg/images/c/c8/Composite_Armor.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20061115172508
  4. These will be special ones called "manties". I guess. Looks like I'm on that part of the Internet again... *walks away*
  5. Other than just customization packs, any male Zabrak pack would be nice in general (that are on JKA's skeleton. I hate having to switch between _humanoid folders all the time or guessing which of my directories are JA or JO).
  6. I just read that in HK-47's voice. lol Thankfully I was able to follow it rather well.
  7. Believe it or not, I used several layers...and I zoomed in on the reference picture several times to make sure I got all the details correct. Although relatively easy to make, I wanted to make sure he was accurate to the shot. I utilized both the original R2-D2 textures and the shipped Imperial textures and sort of did a blend, and then I went about making things the correct shade of black and silver. Woops, I got the name backwards by accident. Let me fix. Edit 2 - fixed name. This is what happens when I'm tired.
  8. Ooh! Very awesome. Just got done reading it. I'm glad you brought back Pallaeon. Great job, sir! Keep up the great work!
  9. I have quite a list of characters I will require (and of course will be tweaked texture-wise, I am sure), if anyone would want to help: A male Zabrak head on Jedi Robes (Kahlar Saric, his old apprentice. Eventually I'll need a model where he has a similar body like X1 with the black armor, etc, during the GCW), HS Obi-wan's head on Han Solo's body (a more casual version of Karag, more middle-aged, late 30's - early 40's), HS Obi-wan's head on Luke Bespin body, Kanan Jarrus' head (or even Jedi Trainer's head) on Mercenary Kyle Katarn's body (Rath Deris, Karag's old friend - texture would be modified, and hopefully will be on the JA skeleton - it's a pain to always switch _humanoid folders), this guy: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/swg/images/9/93/200px-Mellichae.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20061103041226 This guy: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/5/55/Mort.png/revision/latest?cb=20080219203636 This is Darth Avarus (I had to spell it Avarrus in-game because some meanie had it already): http://i.imgur.com/LTwfypB.jpg http://i.imgur.com/zbh6S6e.jpg He's wearing the Vanquisher set, minus the mask because I liked the re-breather look better, where you can still stare into his eyes. I hope to have a JKA version of him sometime soon, to serve as a character in a flashback. He's Karag Drakas' ancestor, but as to what role this will play is yet to be determined. I've been working on this in my mind for years. And I'll definitely need some modifications of Ashura's clone if I am to pull off Commander Phalanx: http://i.imgur.com/78ySs2l.png ARC Commander Phalanx went not only through the normal officer training, but he had ARC training as well. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty.
  10. Elder Jedi Master Karag Drakas. At 24 years after the Battle of Endor, Master Drakas would be assisting Luke (along with other masters) in training a new generation of Jedi - at least until the massacre by Kylo and the Knights of Ren. I figured since he's such a central part of my story, The Exile's Voyage, I wanted to show him at the age of 71. The reason he doesn't look so wrinkly is because, despite his scars left by his old apprentice from the Clone Wars, Kahlar Saric, he was able to maintain his physical appearance rather well through various means. Also, some surgical procedures were involved in replacing some of his skin. Some scars just never healed properly from the test of battle, which is why you still see some scars around his eyes and cheeks, along with some bruises. Some scars are from recent duels. He is an elder member of Luke's new Jedi Order and senior commander of New Republic forces (who, of course, later backed the Resistance). Thanks to Jeff for kitbashing HS Kenobi's head and robe onto HS Dooku's body/outfit.
  11. No kidding! I mean, that guy's legs are clear across the other side! They look like they didn't have high-quality gear. Clearly far from good enough to deal with NK-Necrosis. XD
  12. I've been meaning to make my own, but that's awesome, actually. Red double-bladed saber.... man, this guy kicked my character's butt (Karag Drakas) so many times. Lol! The Myyydril Caverns are no joke. The beetles also were a pain to deal with.
  13. Yeah, I was going to get on making all versions of him during different eras. So I'll probably get one done of him during that time soon. If you'd like, I can give you an in depth background of him sometime - regardless if you plan on using him or not.
  14. Very intelligent use of the TOR Republic droid model.
  15. Hmm, this seems like it's gonna be pretty awesome. My character, Karag Drakas, would be 71 around the events that Kylo and the Knights of Ren slew all of Luke's Jedi. (24 years after Endor, according to sources). My story would have it where the Knights of Ren struck him down in battle, during the elimination of those Jedi. I have it where he was one of the elder members assisting in the training, leading up to the massacre. He's also a Commander with the New Republic. I like your story here and I am glad you are implementing legends with the "new" canon in the story.
  16. I threw this title around a few times when I was showcasing skins and I feel like I should elaborate to people here. In late '05-early '06 I had started a project that I wanted to make with Zappa during the glory days of Jedi Outcast Movies (I was helping him with all sorts of stuff! His Revenge of the Sith reenactments, Jedi Academy Clone Wars [a series spurred on by The Jedi's Demise machinima movie - a three-parter if I recall -, some time after Attack of the Clones came out], to name a couple of big ones). The Exile's Voyage was what I picked and it would follow my Star Wars Galaxies character, Karag Drakas, who I created right at the release of Jump To Lightspeed. Well, when everything went all to Hell...me losing my guild after the pre-CU and then thereafter the NGE...I decided I properly wanted to make a series. Unfortunately I never pushed myself enough and nothing really ever got done. In late 2006, I met a new friend...Darth Ajax was his name... on Hapslash's Void. He went really just by Ajax. We became really close, practically brothers, after a very short time, and we collaborated with Zappa for a little while. At one point, on the Void, we made an RP thread called "Field of Heroes" (which people came in and kinda butchered the immersion, but Ajax and I said screw that noise and wanted to make a 'canon' representation of our characters). His character, Rath Deris, vanished during the Clone Wars on a mission to Tatooine. I forget his apprentice's name, but she tried to stop him. Didn't exactly work. My character, Karag Drakas, ended up having an apprentice just right as soon as the Clone Wars broke out, a Zabrak named Kahlar Saric, who gave into the temptation of the darkside and left him during a climactic battle on Dantooine, Master Drakas' homeworld. Karag and Rath both trained at the temple together, under several different masters, and had become good friends. My story, the Exile's Voyage, follows Karag during his exile after the Clone Wars ended (his last battle was on Kashyyyk. The 514th Pathfinders Regiment, his clone troopers, turned on him -- only about half, though. Some of them didn't receive the orders due to a chip malfunction, but he didn't know that). He escapes Kashyyyk in a stolen hyperspace-capable Republic ship, manages to sell the ship to someone else and disable the tracking device, and buy another ship (a piece of junk, but it's hyperspace capable), and he plots a course to Dathomir. In old legends (SWG), there was a force sensitive village there, protected by a 'force wall' in which only people sensitive to the force may enter. The village is named Aurilia. It took him days on the planet to find it, but he managed to hide there for several years. Up until about 7 ABY. He gets a call from the force to go to Dantooine. There he finds his old friend, Rath, who has been fighting the Empire for awhile (the Empire has been planting weapons on civilians after massacring them - political points for the Empire), but too has been called to the location. The location is Karag's old home. Rath has a crew with him. Karag came alone. They would all partake in something much greater than them - the restoration of the old Republic that they once held dear. With the new canon, I've had to shift some of the plot points around to where they fit, and unfortunately my friend Ajax has left us in 2012 to an automobile accident, so I can't really do anything with his character - it feels wrong somehow, so I can only do things with my own character, and maybe have flashbacks or mentions of Rath. I don't think it will spoil the story by saying that Rath dies on an undercover mission to Coruscant to the hands of a bounty hunter who was a massive danger to our crew...and Rath was slowly being consumed by the dark side ever since Tatooine. Karag, with the remainder of the crew, fights against the Galactic Empire, and has his own Rebel cell known as "Karag's Raiders". I have models, for the most part, to fill every spot - however I'm obviously going to have to request some special kitbashes if I want to be accurate to my own portrayal of this series. I'm not sure how I would go about making a lengthy machinima TV-style series of my character... or perhaps I should do a comic series like Kualan and some others. Any thoughts on this would be nice. It took me YEARS trying to finalize my story and unless I do something about it, I won't be completely satisfied with my story product and nothing will ever get done. There will be a lot of things people will remember, or at least learn about, with this series. Dealing with various Nightsister Clans (Singing Mountain Clan, primarily), freeing Wookiees from the Avatar Platform over Kashyyyk, finding lost friends captured by the Death Watch on Endor (Death Watch Bunker), surviving an onslaught of Death Troopers, defending Aurilia from the Sith Shadow Thug group (a familiar face from Karag's past returns, but who?), having visions of his ancestors, the list is endless and all I need to do is establish a timeline for all of these things. The crew pilot a Corellian YT-2000 freighter called the "Dark Matter", which is handed down to Karag from Rath. I know there's a show called "Dark Matter" out there, but we had this working name years before that thing came along. I effectively call it the "Field of Heroes" trilogy, as it was originally intended by both Ajax and myself.
  17. I'll have to make a version of Karag with this edit! Great work on this, btw!
  18. I think he meant Arcann without the mask, etc. A "healthy" version of them before the battle wounds.
  19. No worries folks, I am going to keep my promise on releasing my stuff in a pack, or individually on Dropbox. I really want to make sure I have a significant amount of content to release. I aim to still fix the carbon scoring on the ProtoFett, of course, by making him a bit whiter. I figure I'd show something new. It's really simple, but it's based on a skin someone made on Gametoast for their Rebel pack for Battlefront 2, and I really liked the scheme: Long live the Republic!
  20. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/characters/images/7/7e/Robotchicken.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110319093348
  21. Not sure how often you visit Gametoast, but Deviss (who is also here) has so many things he converted for BF2. Perhaps things that haven't been converted for JKA on his thread could be someday. Here is his assets thread: http://gametoast.com/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=24475 Although, I am sure you have a lot of Clone Wars Adventures and SWRH assets, but I figured I'd link that thread. Great work as always, of course! Lol at Todo 360. Even though he's meant for a harmless NPC, I can see him jogging around with a lightsaber slashing reborns for some reason.
  22. Other than this (with the v-neck-styled shirt): http://www.mediafire.com/download/27bd8l1emcfot36/Han.rar (from Free Radical's SWBF3) I can't seem to find anything else worthy to mention.
  23. Speaking of Obi's head - it'd be nice to have HS Obi-wan and Anakin's head on slightly modified Jaden's body. It'd be nice also if, specifically Obi's head was put on the one jacketed Jaden (the black jacket) and have a trench coat with it (okay, I admit I have some skinning plans for this kind of thing involving Karag Drakas). And maybe Obi-Wan's, Anakin's, and Jedi Trainer's heads spliced onto Infinity Blade's Mercenary Kyle (again some plans for those). And, if interested, why not make Admiral Terrinald Screed? https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/01/03/fe/0103fefcb192cae31b64d4b7e10b51ec.jpg All up to you of course, I know life is busy. Some ideas just being thrown out there.
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