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  1. I for one love all the models made for the comic that I've seen and general/RP purposes for them would actually be rather cool. I've been meaning to film my machinima series for years now, the Exile's Voyage, but a lack of models, voice, and puppet actors sort of dampened my spirits. Of course I can utilize NPC's for a majority of the in-game 'actors', but I'd still need to utilize some people for movements. Or maybe I can learn how to do 'cinematic' cut scenes to do it? That tool used in MBII would be REALLY useful for this! I can record demos all the time for this purpose. But back to the topic: Your work is actually really nice. I'll have to make a list of things sometime.
  2. My guess here on the body is that it's from the Urban Counter-Terrorist model from CS: Source? Either way, it all looks really good. Great work as always! (also I do really enjoy your comics)
  3. Wouldn't want to fight these guys in a dark alley, am I right? These guys were mostly deployed on Mustafar as far as I remember, but I'm sure the Empire deployed them in other places as well. Got it as close as I could. Credits to Free Radical for the model and I believe Jeff ported it and gave it to me. Feel free to correct me guys, I haven't had the best week.
  4. Oh no! Someone came and dismembered poor Han! Joking aside, that's awesome. Glad you're giving him an option of a stormie belt.
  5. These are so awesome. Great work, Jeff!
  6. Thanks, glad you like the progress! I've always thought we especially needed some Nova Troopers! I also have a plan to reskin that Phase-III Dark Trooper into an Inquisitorium Dark Trooper (black with silver/white stripes)! Been meaning to. IRL has been a pain, but I should be able to tonight, if not then tomorrow sometime.
  7. Yeah, I just gotta fix up all the skins I've done and .pk3 them, I gotta get icons done for them as well. My pack that I release will hopefully contain: Nova Troopers, this Star Tours Officer, Admiral Yularen, and Prototype Fett. I've been meaning to release them all sooner.
  8. Of course. A few moments. Edited - It's important to note that I went on the version they had at Disney MGM in Florida and I don't remember seeing these guys - then again I went in 2008, so...or it was 2011... I don't quite remember what year.
  9. He isn't perfect - the seam is a bit screwed up, but I had a go at making Admiral Yularen (Clone Wars era. Will do GCW sometime later with his white uniform he donned in EP4.)
  10. I have a feeling I know which base weapons these will replace once they're released (all the blasters). Per chance do you have Chewbacca's upgraded Bowcaster too? The power on that thing in TFA was ridiculous.
  11. Here's my opinion: I would work on what you want first, because having fun is the best thing when it comes to modding. I do like the idea of the Hutt Grand Council Chamber.
  12. Very, very cool! Awesome work.
  13. I really like that concept there. It's very nice! Good job!
  14. The passing of his brother definitely didn't help this case - he was rather distant after this happened. I remember him saying/posting that he shifted from modeling for JO/JA to creating stuff in Second Life. Other than that information, he seems to have vanished off the face of the planet. Being a member of the Void since 2005, I've come to being good friends with him and IB. IB, me, and a small group of other Voidians would play some MP matches in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. It's such a shame that his WIP's just kinda vanished with him. I was looking forward to his Dengar, IG-88, and Boba Fett. Hapslash and Infinity Blade were tag team modelers. Hap would model something and IB would help weigh it - and of course IB was able to model things too - such as those swords and Mercenary Kyle, etc. They were best friends, best brothers. They were two halves on the same side of a coin, as they use to say, but much closer. I loved hanging out with them whenever they wanted to take a break from things. The Void was, and still is, my primary Internet home. So many memories. If it weren't for the Void, my character of Karag Drakas wouldn't be as developed as he is now - even though I've been working on it for 10 years and never released any of the story. Anyhow, I understand how you haven't had time to finish stuff, man. I have a kid, so I definitely understand. I barely have time to get on, and when I do, I don't have much time. But do know I am looking forward to this stuff! More Mandos and Jango? What's not to love? If anything, the wait will be worth it. People have lives, so, as I said, completely understandable.
  15. Doing pretty good, Deviss! Just have been taking a tiny break from Designated Days (getting back to doing it now - have a test map going) and Operation Flashpoint. Glad you're doing stuff in this community! Looking forward to more releases here. How about yourself?
  16. As far as I know, they haven't. I don't remember seeing them in the source files for the 2008 build anyways. Teancum, you can correct me if I'm wrong. I don't have the source files anymore that I can find on my local drives. I think they were in the progress of making a model? In either case, a Kell Dragon is needed - so that Kyle can beat it to death with his fists.
  17. Because this is what I was given to work with. HS Anakin has multiple hairstyles, not to mention the robes already there on the model. I think that, in the end, HS Anakin was a good choice. If someone wants to make Jedi Dooku on HS Dooku, that's fine. And I can give them the Young Dooku face texture if they'd want it. These resources are the things that have been given to me.
  18. Well, we might have just found a more powerful weapon than the Death Star. Kyle, go get 'em! Also, that PH-II *jaw drops*. We now have all phases of Dark Trooper, finally. Guess it's time to some more ModView Photoshopping! I have something else sometime that I'll be doing.
  19. It's okay. I'm really excited about it too.
  20. Me as well (RevanSithLord here). Glad you're bringing stuff to JKA.
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