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  1. Hello, my brethren! I have decided to open up my own WIP skins topic, as I can't model worth a crap. This first skin is of my personal character I made back when SWG's Jump To Lightspeed expansion launched (even though I had a character before then. I didn't get as invested in that one as I have here). His name is Karag Drakas, and I have continued to tweak his timeline and his place in Star Wars lore (EU back then, Legends now, even though really almost no one knows of my character). I used him in a forum RP once called "Field of Heroes". During that time, I had a friend named "Ajax" back when we frequented Hapslash's Void. We eventually put our two characters side by side for an eventual movie (we hadn't decided yet if it was going to be a machinima or a live action series). Karag Drakas and Rath Deris were both Jedi Knights of the Republic. Karag lost his apprentice (which I eventually named Kahlar Saric, a Zabrak who eventually joines the Sith Shadow thug group that constantly attacks the Force Sensitive village of Aurelia on Dathomir) to the Dark Side (a small confrontation during a battle in the Clone Wars took place). Rath Deris vanished during a mission to Tatooine and his apprentice (I forgot the name) didn't know where he went. Rath eventually settled on Dantooine and formed a crew for a YT-2000 light freighter called "Dark Matter". (mind you this was part was in 2009-2011 about when we were ironing out details). Karag exiled himself to Dathomir after Order 66, and hid in the aforementioned village for a few years, before it started being raided by Sith Shadows. Anyways, before I reveal too much of the plot, here's skins that I've done, not necessarily pertaining to my series, "The Exile's Voyage" of the Dark Matter story arc. Used Hapslash's Obi-wan, obviously. This is as he looked when the Clone Wars started. He was 20 during the Battle of Geonosis and was just knighted. He led a clone regiment (not a legion), the 514th... eventually called the 514th Pathfinders Regiment led by Captain Phalanx (soon to be promoted to Commander, also has ARC trooper training afterward). Soon shifts under two different legions - first the 41st, then near the end of the war... the 501st. This Interpretation of Karag Drakas, made 5 years ago. I'll upload more pictures (posed, even, with some Photoshop touch ups to bring out the work) I hope you guys like this one. There's definitely more coming. I have to find them. (I had some for a series Zappa and I were going to work on a long time ago, but I'm not sure if he wants me to show people those.) I have started on the 514th Clone using AshuraDX's resources and such, but for some reason the arms/legs aren't mirroring the texture. I guess I'll upload the side that is working in a few. But I just wanted to get the thread started. Definitely won't be the last post. If anyone would like to collaborate for some cool skins, I'm game.
  2. That concept Rey looks amazing! I am totally not downloading this right now.... *clicks download button* .... I wonder if anybody noticed?
  3. @AshuraDX - Gistech on Gametoast and SWBFGamers actually has been pushing the ZeroEngine really far. It can actually handle waaaaay more polies and triangles than people previously thought. I have to say, that this download was certainly a treat. It'll be fun making my 514th Pathfinders Regiment from my fanfic and major mod project for BF2 "Designated Days" in JKA. 5/5 clonetroopers approve of this download!
  4. I think Galactic Battlegrounds has some good voice clips, IIRC. Otherwise, I can .zip some things up for you that I happen to have.
  5. I was going to say something, but people beat me to it. It would be better to build from scratch. That way, you gain permissions as you go, and you'd have your own name. It seems that you want to expand on the 'ideas' Tim had (other people probably had the same idea, but who knows?) regarding the way the NPC's and Spawn menus worked. I don't see a problem with trying to recreate what the original intention was of that mod, but I think in the long run, a mod from scratch is less of a hassle than dealing with everything KotF had. Zappa and I go way back with Jedi Outcast Movies and when we first heard of KotF, it looked 'cool' to me at the time - I was younger and more naive. Then Zappa came to me and told me it was all just a hoax and content was stolen. Tim was asking for money, IIRC. If you would like me to, I can type a comprehensive list of things that I personally would love to see in a mod of this scope. Also, I wish I could have what some MBII devs have: That special demo playback thing that you can also stop time, reverse, and view freely the playing field. It might make machinimas for me and others exceptionally easier.
  6. Okay, I'll check it out - thanks Seven! I could probably skin Screed myself if given the time and patience. @@the_raven: I get it. Not everyone's a fan. Maybe I should have just made a topic called "Revan9190's Requests", because this is another one I would like: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/swg/images/9/98/Mort.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20050811124913 Marz Marshall's clone head from his clones VM pack. Or... the head from this Jango Pack: https://jkhub.org/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&record=28405&id=2020&full=1 Not sure where you can grab a cybernetic arm. Use Luke's Jacket from the ANH throne room scene and reskin it.
  7. I searched and didn't find anyone who might have modeled it here, so I present to you a concept as if Mace Windu had survived: http://farfarawayradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/star_wars_rebels___old_man_windu_by_engelha5t-d6ddm4w.jpg I think this person's concept of Mace surviving is awesome. Of course, the general consensus is that Mace couldn't have survived, because then Anakin wouldn't have become Darth Vader. But in this case, I think it'd be awesome if, for a brief few moments, Master Windu had in-fact died... but was revived by someone in the lower dwellings of Coruscant. It would be awesome if, in Star Wars Galaxies, the "Old Man" was in-fact Mace Windu, which is another reason I am requesting this. For my Star Wars machinima trilogy I've been planning for a long time with a friend of mine who became one with the Force 4 years ago: Star Wars: Dark Matter. I'm having to adapt it to new canon, even though our project would have been considered "fanon" or "legends" anyways. Another request I have is that of Admiral Screed from Star Wars: Droids. This 3D concept looks rather awesome and I might feature him in the first chapter of the machinima. Until I film, I will be using Modview and in-game screenshots to make poster art for the series. Here you go: http://orig01.deviantart.net/0993/f/2015/278/e/a/star_wars_rebels_admiral_screed_fan_art_by_brian_snook-d9c3ug2.jpg While I am at it, a final one: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/starwarsrebels/images/f/f3/Kallus_Season_2.jpeg/revision/latest?cb=20151015043815
  8. I hope someone does. If not, I'm going to find a few models to make reskins into Inquisitors - maybe ones we don't know?
  9. Haha. I remember her. That video was funny. Would definitely use it if I did a comedy sketch, or wanted to confuse other players. But... I think a "Darth Padme" would be a cool alternative timeline concept.
  10. Indeed! A pleasure it is. I'm glad Teancum brought back this project, for I was wondering when more levels would get done and then my friend, ZemmurkTrooper from the Void way back when told me that it was shutting down (he use to be a member of the DFMod team.). I'm a hardcore veteran when it comes to Star Wars related games, although I missed out on X-wing and TIE Fighter when it was still in its prime. Kyle Katarn is, without a doubt, my FAVORITE Star Wars character ever, outside the movies and....other than Darth Revan. A lot of people have likened him to Chuck Norris (I guess because of the facial hair he grew out later. ), but he's way much more than that. Who else could single-handedly take down one of the Empire's most deadly and ambitious projects? Luke, Han, Chewbacca and crew blew up the Death Star, yes. But did they do it without virtually any help, aside from some mission relevant information? As much as I love the old trilogy cast, I'd have to say no. Kyle, with information from various sources, managed to do so much more. I mean, he punched a Kell Dragon to death! If that doesn't involve a lot of stones from a Massassi temple, then I don't know what does! Pleasure meeting you, Barricade! I have been following your work. I'm happy people are trying to keep my games alive! I have some personal skin projects to do here soon, if I'm not modding for Battlefront and the original Operation: Flashpoint that is. I don't know if anyone else pronounced Boba Fett's name as a child, but I did, and let's just say my father laughed so much to the point his gaming concentration broke. XD I pronounced it "Bobo Fett". Just ONE letter off makes all the difference it seems.
  11. Sure, I could just as easily reskin the Jet Trooper (and I did, in-fact, do that a few years ago for a machinima project of mine that never got off the ground), but I feel that a proper Dark Trooper model would be great. I know there's a Phase-I, so I am not worried about that.. I want the extremely menacing Dark Troopers we see in Dark Forces (I know Teancum is continuing on reviving the DFMod and I definitely appreciate that! Tean, you should know me as RevanSithLord from Gametoast, soooo... hi!). Recently, several assets have been released from the cancelled Battlefront III with permission from Free Radical. I forgot if that extends to any game or if it's only approved for Gmod and BF1/2. One asset, of which, is that beautiful Phase-II Dark Trooper model. My favorite Star Wars game of all time is the original Dark Forces - as it was my childhood, along with DF2. If it can't be completely ported (I know when it comes to porting things, some things are really sketchy. But I read that parts of models are okay, but not the full models? I'm not even sure these are considered royalty-free assets at the moment), maybe perhaps someone could modify the Jet Trooper and use the Dark Trooper as a reference model? I know that when the DFMod released assets, they also had an Assault Cannon made, albeit non-textured. Maybe perhaps we can get an Assault Cannon properly someday for generic JKO/JKA/BF2 usage. I've been following all the work in progress threads here and absolutely love them, so I have to say, keep up the good work! Here's a few references (I get that the PHIII is a toy. lol): http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2015/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC/images/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC010.jpg http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2015/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC/images/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC009.jpg http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2015/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC/images/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC008.jpg http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2015/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC/images/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC012.jpg http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2015/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC/images/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC013.jpg http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2015/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC/images/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC015.jpg http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2015/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC/images/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC018.jpg http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2015/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC/images/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC019.jpg http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2015/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC/images/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIIDFLC020.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7035486/SWBF3/SWBF3_Darktrooper.jpg That version of the assault cannon is the best one, I think. Here's a pic of the PHII Dark Trooper: http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/galleries/2012/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIBAD/Review_DarkTrooperPhaseIIBAD_stillB.jpg https://cdn.discourse.org/turtlerock/uploads/default/original/3X/5/7/574e32728df57b679d7ce1d8a79ffb4a97a0a5e7.jpg In the meantime. I suppose I'll just make reskins for a project I've been working on since 2005 and haven't been able to fully realize as a machinima, so I guess be prepared for a project thread sometime.
  12. You know, I agree with Anakin98 here. The models from the game are pretty awesome and as long as the rules are followed, we can get some pretty awesome stuff. As a member of Gametoast and SWBF Custom, there's a modder that does this same thing as I recall. Modifying it just enough to fit the Battlefront 2 skeletons and a few small tweaks here and there. I believe it is Deviss, who also resides here. He made a thread recently if I recall. (RevanSithLord on Gametoast if anyone here is from there as well)
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