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  1. I absolutely love all these designs and would love them to all come to life.
  2. These are amazing. I can't wait. o.o Well, I can. I just don't want to. They're so good and on point. Great job, sir!
  3. Closest thing to a proper Nightsister, other than Ventress and Mother Talzin, that we have. Nice job! Maybe we can get Nightsisters from SWG into JA at some point. I know my character, Karag, would run into them at some point in his exile on Dathomir.
  4. I...I think my eyes just exploded from awesomeness. I really want that Agent Kallus.
  5. I don't know if you have the Sith Eradicator model set available, but basically that's what my Sith Warrior used (same colors used in the trailers), except the mask was different and was more like Malgus's rebreather (actually it was the same exact model). My Sith had the hood up all the time, but his eyes were a sky blue and his hair was dark brown (kind of modeled him after myself) and had a scar across his right eye. If I can get you one of my screenshots, do you have any of the resources to take this personal request? Granted you have the time and interest of course. You're doing a great job here and I know it takes a bit of effort.
  6. All these TOR picture requests make me want to request my custom Sith Warrior character (a Marauder). Darth Avarus (although I had to add an extra 'r' in-game due to it being taken. Grrr.) lol
  7. I've actually found someone's DeviantArt where there are a lot of cool concepts I'd like to see made, such as a TCW/Rebels style of Admiral Terrinald Screed, Darkside Ezra (Darth Felonious), and a Rebels-style Holiday Special Boba Fett, and more. Here's the gallery. There's another Boba Fett in there that would be awesome. http://brian-snook.deviantart.com/gallery/ Also, here's a "Rebels style" Kyle Katarn that I liked. I don't know what people think of these things, but any style is welcome at this rate. The concepts there are pretty neat and interesting, such as Imperial Inquisitor Barriss Offee.
  8. I'm 4 days late to this party, but what the Hell was that? I have no idea what my name is anymore. What the Hell is going on? You should probably put that thing out of its misery, for its own good. With that out of the way, a young Boba that doesn't look like Satan's ass with a severe case of hemorrhoids would be quite welcome.
  9. Yes. He means lose-losses. At least that's what I got out of it.
  10. Hey now, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Myself being a Revan fan since the original KotOR, I personally would take any depiction of Revan I could get - even if it wasn't my own personal version of Revan. I'm sure he'd make pictures that would appease to all. Some specific to his original depiction and some to his TOR depiction.
  11. I have no idea. o_O I'll see what the matter is. Edit - Fixed the color issue.
  12. I'll have a think on this and get back to you on it if I think of any requests, Kualan.
  13. Ren was....just way too powerful here. I can definitely see this as a way for Finn to go out. I'm honestly surprised and impressed he was able to hold his own against Kylo in TFA, considering he was a stormtrooper (ex-stormtrooper, but still), but I'm guessing these generation of stormtroopers were taught basic melee combat (hence TR-8R aka FN-2199 kicking the crap out of Finn with a Z6 Riot Control Baton) so I guess I can see him as a Force Sensitive learning how to wield a lightsaber without cutting off his own limbs in the process. I haven't really read any outside material of TFA, I kinda just went to see it on opening day, so I didn't read any lead up material or anything. Usually I'm good about researching anything to do with Star Wars and am generally well versed in the old EU (minus NJO and Legacy stuff), but I should probably read some of the extra material that led up to TFA. Great work as always here. Really epic! I've been saving the images for Desktop wallpaper cycles. Especially the Revan stuff.
  14. Great work! And okay regarding the TOR-bodies. Understandable!
  15. Like base game bodies? I'd like to see these on the human mercenary body, the Rodian body (obviously replace hands based on species), saboteur, Imperial worker, Rebel pilot, prisoner, Reborns, and Jedi, maybe? I'm not sure where TOR-style bodies can be, but maybe these can still be made TOR-like.
  16. Nothing like a good holiday fart. Merry Gasmas?
  17. I would hate being an engineer trying to clean that walker.
  18. More Ideas if you'd like to try them out: Phase-I and Phase-II Dark Troopers wiping out the Rebels in Tak Base on Talay. Chewbacca commandeering an AT-ST during the Battle on Endor (could be humorous) Gungans ambush Trade Federation Battledroids Royal Naboo vs Trade Federation Qui-gon returns from being one with the Force and faces Maul (Rebels Maul) for a final time. Rebel cell attacks Palpatine's Naboo Retreat Confederacy of Independent Systems vs the might of the Galactic Empire The Galactic Empire vs The First Order (Clash of the Stormtroopers)
  19. Perhaps I can request a few (if that's okay)? - Mercenary Kyle (Infinity Blade's Kyle) versus Dark Troopers - Darth Revan dueling Darth Malak to the death on the Starforge - Revan and the Exile leading Jedi and Republic troops against the Mandalorians on Malachor V. - Ahsoka Tano converting Anakin Skywalker back to the lightside (alternate Star Wars reality) - Qui-gon Jinn dueling a fallen Obi-wan Kenobi (alternate Star Wars reality, not sure where a good 'Darth Kenobi' is) - Old Ben Kenobi fighting Maul - Emperor Katarn fighting Master Luke Skywalker (Darkside ending Katarn from Dark Forces 2 fighting the Episode VII version of Luke) Great work, as always! I know that it takes a considerable amount of time and effort, especially depending on how many resources you have. (I somehow forgot you did a Maul vs Vader. Sorry.)
  20. lol I'd say Luke just got a really nice tan on the beaches of Spira.
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