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  1. Since @@Jeff did the conversion of the PHIII, I figured I'd do a couple of cool things in Photoshop. It was simple, but I figured I'd post them here.
  2. Yup, you got it @@Jeff! And thanks, Zap. Hopefully I can release all of these soonish. Off to Chicago today at about 2 PM (the show is at 8:30 and the drive is 4 1/2 hours, but we need to get there earlyish).
  3. You guys should know who this next one is. The last one is a dead give away. Anyways, hope he can be included in an upcoming pack with all these guys in it! I love Photoshopping little scenes.
  4. *faints* This will go great with that Bith I have. I'm gonna make a few Photoshop pictures.
  5. I actually agree here. (also, there was a bit more than just the Darkie in that pack that I sent him. )
  6. I shall. After I refind the link to it - or I'll upload them all to dropbox. I do have a few weapons and Nym (yes, Nym from Star Wars: Starfighter, Jedi Starfghter, and SWG), so I'll just send him the whole thing of stuff that Acemastermind sent me.
  7. If I recall correctly, I was given a Phase-II Dark Trooper (Glory-class Dark Trooper, which is modeled after the PH2) model in .obj format with textures from SWG. I'll have to send you these too sometime later. Excellent work, Jeff! Good luck on Mohc!
  8. I frequented this mod for a long time when I was younger. If I didn't play that one, I always played http://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi%20Outcast/Mods/Single%20Player/5319/ or: http://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi%20Outcast/Mods/Single%20Player/13123/ I also played: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1143-dragon-remix-endgame-edition/ a lot. And this: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1140-the-ladder-dragon-remix/ And much, much later, when UltimateWeapons was released, I played the JKII version along with the JKIII version as well - made for a much better Star Wars experience as Kyle and felt more like a Dark Forces 1 and 2 sequel. https://jkhub.org/files/file/2322-ultimateweapons-for-jk2/
  9. Yeah. It was already converted for BF2 (and I have the files. ), so I'm not sure how easy it'd be to convert BF2 models to JKA. I know people have converted from JKA to BF2 just fine. @@Jeff - I think you would have fun with this model. I'll shoot you a PM. Of course, I realize you have your own schedule.
  10. I'm torn between the Imperial and CIS Arc Cutters. The Imperial one has that green on it, which would correlate to the massive green projectiles launched by the Jeron Fusion Cutter in the original game. Both models look the most menacing to me and I wouldn't want to get caught on the business end of either of those.
  11. I'm not sure if it's been converted for JKA. I think Teancum said something about using it for the DF Mod sometime later if someone manages to convert it over, else he'll just use Jet troopers and Hazard Troopers. I have the file downloaded. Else you can go to Gametoast into the released assets thread under SWBF2. I'm not sure if it's allowed to be linked/mentioned here? If anything, Jeff probably has a busy plate right now.
  12. Maybe convert this? I know that the Battlefront 2 community is allowed to use the canceled BF3 assets. I just forgot if people can use them for other Star Wars games. Until I figure that out that it'd be okay, I'll keep the link of the model out of the thread. Compared to AshuraDX's Clonetrooper, this should be well under its polycount. lol More onto the point - I'm sure edits of the Jettrooper and Hazardtrooper (maybe combine parts too, a bit) would do fine. I know I've been wanting to make a movie based on Dark Forces, but in JA. In any case, I'm sure Jeff has a lot more up his sleeve at the moment.
  13. This week on the Sith Fashon Show. Maul shows off one of his old outfits on the runway. I don't think it'd be too difficult reskinning DT's robed Darth Maul, but it might be better if it'd be modeled. Willing to put it on my reskin list as a temporary skin until a new model is made (or frankensteined). @@the_raven - Star Wars did always have a lot of continuity problems. Meh. I guess it could look cool as a concept in the long run.
  14. Might have just been a flaw by the devs; unless Mellichae kicked the crap out of a Mandalorian he hated and stole the armor. Not a lot of backstory for him, but he looked cool in the armor. Mellichae is a thug after all. I don't think he would've cared about the tension between his people - he's the leader of the Sith Shadows after all.
  15. No wonder he's been so angry in TPM. He wanted different shades of colors instead of just black and darker black. He used that hatred to strike down his enemies. In all seriousness, this looks interesting. I think a little bit of Frankensteining onto Darth Bandon's armor, and recoloring/texturing it, won't really hurt anything, will it? Also, in general, I think we need way more Male Zabrak models. Ones without tattoos, shirtless, robes, no robes, nak--- not going to finish that thought because it's so wrong to me, training gear, smuggler's wear, armor (Mandalorian armor would be nice to see on a Zabrak, because then we could have Mellichae from SWG), vests, pants of various lengths, etc, etc. Also, I kinda wanted to start doing stuff Maul related, machinima-wise, for some time now. Zappa and I were, at one point, filming a Darth Maul machinima based on the comic based on his covert mission against the Black Sun - but this was years ago. I don't think we finished it.
  16. Using Barricade's TFU trooper (which of course stems from DT-85's Stormtrooper), I have made the elite honor guards known as the Novatroopers! These guys have mainly appeared on Naboo. At least for me when I use to play Star Wars Galaxies. Makes sense, because Palpatine is from Naboo and has a retreat hidden deep in the mountains. This, along with Prototype Fett, will hopefully be uploaded really soon for people to play with.
  17. Thanks! Yeah. As soon as I get done making the icons for him, I will upload 'em. I might try other Fett models later, but I just want to release something. I was debating on putting a little symbol on the cape resembling the little star thing: http://www.hasbro.com/common/productimages/en_US/3825e9b650569047f5532768a2bc3247/converted2dece101883f45e5b101881e5e90313a7fc4be49.jpg Might put it on for a 2.0, but I will upload him to JKHub ASAP! I figured I'd try and take on requests that normally haven't been fulfilled quite yet. I also got done with another skin as well which I am about to show off and eventually upload.
  18. Funny enough - I didn't make these pics as icons. But I think I will! Mind if I use Cmdr Fox as a base for Phalanx? He's supposed to look like this: http://i.imgur.com/VCvCAB3.png http://i.imgur.com/cHjUoWb.png http://i.imgur.com/78ySs2l.png Anyways, new type of Stormtrooper coming up. Credits to Barricade24 for his TFU trooper. And of course DT-85 for the original model.
  19. Did someone say they wanted a Prototype Boba Fett? https://jkhub.org/topic/7728-revans-cosmetics-workshop-old-and-new-skin-wip-thread/?p=110957 The red triangle was a beast to tame. Not quite Rancor difficulty, but more like Gundark level, if I had to rate the experience making it. I wanted to fulfill your request and I hope I did a good job with it. I can use different models of it, if you'd like!
  20. Here's something I made, because I know someone wanted a Prototype Boba Fett. I based it off this (http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/wp-content/uploads/mcquarrieoncept.jpg ) and this (http://www.hasbro.com/common/productimages/en_US/3825e9b650569047f5532768a2bc3247/converted2dece101883f45e5b101881e5e90313a7fc4be49.jpg ). I really hope people like this one. Super fun to make and simple too! Didn't take me too long, really. Maybe 3 or so hours.
  21. It's not 100% perfect to me yet, but who has work that is? I'm satisfied enough with my basic 514th trooper to show it off. Hope you guys like my little promo shots here. "Stay down." "Patrolling the mountains on Alderaan." "Man down! Don't worry, brother. I'll get help!" For those who haven't seen all of the Clone Wars, this may contain spoilers: Hope you guys enjoyed this. I have a few more skins in the works. I used the torso_red and helmet_blue for this because the red scheme for the shocktrooper already matched that of my 514th Clones for BF2 and the blue was just the perfect amount of scratched and even for my regiment's helmet scheme. The rest I colored in myself. I will update this skin later with some special brushes.
  22. Interesting. I was just wondering this same thing. Makes sense that Modview can't render shaders, because model viewers tend not to have those features built in, unlike the game/engine they were intended for which can actually handle said shaders. Don't know if I'm making sense here?
  23. .....I love you. Er, I mean this. Yeah, I was talking to the blaster. Just.... *goes into a type-1 diabetic coma*
  24. Oh, thanks! I feel like an idiot for not connecting the dots. XD I'll fix that right up and show folks what I used for a comparison (my BF2 versions of the clones, really). Anyways, here you guys go. Found these on the good 'ol Jedi Outcast Movies proboards forum (thankfully I still have the files on my external) and really far back in my Imgur galley! lol http://imgur.com/a/DWKIf (Can't link the .png's. I'll have to post .jpg's it seems. So I guess I'll re-edit them with cool backgrounds later and re-upload as jpg's. These following skins were for a series called "Jedi Academy Galactic Empire" or J.A.G.E. and was a follow up to Jedi Academy Clone Wars. I provided two 501st stormtrooper skins based on the base stormtrooper models. J.A.G.E. skins ------ 501st Stormtrooper (Basic) 501st Stormtrooper Commander (ARC Trooper "Phase-III") HK Assassin (I made HK-47 look 'cracked' and 'worn' on both of these. Since this is a port from KOTOR I/II, I can't release it to anybody as far as the rules go, but I thought it to be cool to show you guys this): Bossk (utilizing textures from SWG and putting them on the Trandoshan model, I managed to make, what I think is a more accurate Bossk. ) Dengar (this model was a bit of a pain to get right with texturing, and he still looks weird despite the new textures to make him more like the TCW version of Dengar [shoulder pads]. If anyone wants to take a hand at modeling a younger Dengar from TCW, it would be much appreciated!) I do wish Mandalorian still has his Dengar model going. I'd def use that one. It looks beast. 4LOM (I still am unsure if I like the original skin on the original model, or this one. You guys be the judge.) Zuckuss (only a subtle change, really. Changed the tone of brown on the robes and changed the helmet color a bit as well. What do you guys think?) Boba Fett (compared to more recent Boba Fett models/skins, I don't think I like mine entirely that much. Some textures from SWG) IG-88 (I loved this model when it first came out - I love IG-88. I felt for our series, a more intimidating dark brown with some metallic gray would make for a fearsome "Terminator" effect of sorts. He scared the poop out of me in Shadows of the Empire. lol) Emperor Palpatine (I made his robes much darker.... that's about it...but whatever) TEV skins ------ Aurilian Sentry (Rebel Trooper model reskin) I might have to make a new one without logos plastered everywhere... And my take on "The Old Man" who comes to you when you become Force-Sensitive in SWG: I think I took one of Spanki's faces and plastered it over Lando's face? It's been a long time. Of course all the credits go to the original authors. I need to ask Hirman (Palpatine), Mark Lubbers (Zuckuss), Dwayne 'oddjob' Douglass (4LOM), the author of the old Dengar model (can someone help me find them? I'm having trouble locating the original author of this model), Last Wish (IG-88). I'm trying to be honorable here, as I skinned these awhile back. I don't know where the PK3's are, but I can find them. I still have the project folders for these, though). I claim no ownership of the models reskinned here. All credit goes to them. I honestly dislike plagiarism. To maximize my efforts, I'm going to try and contact the authors of these models and ask for proper permission for reskinning these (something I wish I had done in 2012. 4 years ago? It's been that long?! Apparently I can't link .png's. :/ Here's the gallery of TEV/JAGE stuff: http://imgur.com/a/DWKIf
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