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BackFlip1's Skins & Kitbashes

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I never gave permission to use Malgus' head on that Vulture model, find another one. This whole kitbashing /porting thing is getting ridiculous...just my opinion of course.

I agree.. Lately our forums are drowning in these.. no originality , no artistic work and no work from scratch ..

Of Course there are Kitbashers on hub that make good stuff but ported models and stuff that are not from star wars without any sensible reason.. it starts to be anoying..

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@@Langerd I can't speak too much about Kitbashing as I had done some of that kind of work myself, but I will say. Model ports and even the majority of kitbashes on JKhub kinda ruin seeing anything genuinely new or creative on the JKhub files, it use to be cool seeing what people could do on the forums but now it just seems like a lazy way to pump out mediocrity. I dunno, I'm sure theres a whole other counter argument here so I'll just leave it at that. 

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