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  1. Time is precious: enjoy your life instead of wasting it, thinking that you haven't got anything to do. I'm leaving you guys, I've found something better than staying in front of a pc. Hope you could give much value to your time. I really wish you this. Good luck, my friends !! :D

  2. Hi everyone, I'm Salvoo, Backflip1's brother. I announce you that this page will no longer be active or, personally, we don't mod anymore so everything is free to be used. We'd like no name written in credits, because they don't concern us anymore. It would be fair not to treat any of them with pride as one's own creation. Please don't make any request because we are not interested anymore in losing our time doing something that doesn't lead anywhere if not to isolation and virtualizing a world that is not. Sincerely we don't have your work here, but respect and admire how you make artistic projects, too much bigger than ours, but that is your passion, so good luck with everything to everyone. Greetings, Salvoo & Backflip1
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