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Petition to make #OpenJK separate from #JACoders


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/sign if you want an #OpenJK IRC channel, instead of hijacking #JACoders.


The reasons that I feel the need for the channels to be separate:

1. It doesn't really make sense, for starters. JACoders IRC channel has always been about coding help in general with JA's constructs, not helping random people build the game.

2. JACoders is awfully clustered with different conversations. It will help to keep cross-conversations to a minimum.

3. People won't be daunted by fluent coder-talk in the OpenJK chat channel for the most part.

4. The community in the IRC channel was quite honestly better prior to OpenJK existing


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Newp. No point. People would be in both channels talking about various things.

OpenJK is pretty much the main coding project for JA at the moment, and its discussion is totally relevant in #JACoders - there are also many links to #JACoders directly, it's a bit stupid to redirect people to #OpenJK to answer their questions there, when it's the same people in both channels talking about the same things.


No point.

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