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  1. Good article. P.S: S3cht said (on skype) that he was top 5 esl 1v1 with his single, so saying that he was a mediocre single saberist is exaggerated from his point of view. @@Ping
  2. ESL Rules - 3.1.2. Modifications Anyway, when people are playing on a server that use OpenJK, there is just jampgame that is upload and not all the dlls and you can't use the cgame provided by OpenJK cause of the sv_pure 1. Also ESL Rules - 4.3.3. 3rd Party Software/Patches
  3. Yberion

    Donation Time!

    What about mybb, it's free and lot of plugin, etc ?
  4. Yberion

    Donation Time!

    Question: Why XenForo?
  5. Oh, I'll try it using a debug build to check what does this.
  6. Yes. 1/ I'm on the irc (#jacoders) more or less since the full source release 2/ Wasn't difficult 3/ Yes some people which i gave the link to download openjk 4/ Same as Didz
  7. Well i don't really know if it's the most appropriate place to post this but here we go. For the little story, my french mate shox wanted a fragmovie before he leave france due to a personal cause and i wanted one myself, so this fragmovie groups my frags (first part) and shox's frags (second part). With the help of @@ent i used jamme for the first time, sometime camera are a bit fast but the global result is fine i think. It's a saber only fragmovie. Musics: - Pendulum - 9000 Miles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_ShFJZuL4c - Epic Blockbuster Trailer Music https://www.youtube.com
  8. Before being a Release, the build have to be a Beta so we can really test a "fix" build. If this "fix" build have no bug or w/e, then it can be a Release, what if you release the build without making a Beta test and someone find something critical ? Actually we can't really say that those builds from the buildbot are Beta, they are developper builds (even if they are compiled in release). After all, I'm just throwing an idea. Edit: + those builds from the buildbot aren't really official, there is no annouce to say "The build number X" is a Beta.
  9. What about a beta before the real release ?
  10. Agree with DT85, not bad anyway:)
  11. Did you installed Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express (2012 and 2013 works too) ?
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