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The Mandalorian

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Kinda shocked there isn't a thread for this here, since I think overall it has been well received and shit posts would be at a minimum. I'd prefer it to be that way. Let's discuss the Mando, likes/dislikes and be civil and concise about your reasonings. I have to put this on anything about new Star Wars content, unfortunately. Any personal vendettas to constantly shit on the topic at hand will be warned.

This is also spoiler heavy, so don't keep reading if you haven't watched it all yet. It's only available on Disney+ right now (legally) and nothing has been said about a physical release yet.

Overall I really liked season 1. It's some of the best Star Wars we've had since Revenge of the Sith. My main complaint about it is that the episodes are way too short. I think they wanted to play it safe and keep them shorter so kids can watch them easier, but in my opinion it ruins the pacing a bit to have them so short.

The Mandalorian as a character is really well done. He's introduced as a mysterious gunslinger bounty hunter, and as the season goes on, we learn more and more about him, eventually learning his actual name. They did really well with implementing Mandalorian culture throughout it, even canonizing some legends stuff that hadn't been yet. I think it's interesting that the Mandalorians that he's a part of became extremely strict about their rules after the Purge, not even allowing their helmets to be removed. We don't see that in previous Mandos in Clone Wars or Rebels, so it must be a way to preserve their culture in a new way since their numbers were thinned out and scattered. I hope we see more of that.

The ending shot was extremely cheesy, with the Darksaber. But it was still cool to see it in live action. Really looking forward to seeing how that guy got it, and if Mando ends up with it.

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They just announced a new series on Disney+ about the making of The Mandalorian, airing on May 4th. Looking forward to that!


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I liked it a lot. I think the episode's duration was related to the whole concept of doing things "faster and more intense".  My favorite episode was the one where they infiltrated on the republic transport. 

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I didn't like the show overall, but some scenes and episodes were good. The introduction of the Mandalorian was well-made and enjoyable, however the general feel was closer to Star Trek than Star Wars (imho). I guess in this series we could say, that the unknown appearance of the main character without emotions on the "face" works both ways – a mysterious warrior, but with the story pace too slow. Again, this is how I feel about the character.

The blue alien in S01E01 was too Star Trekish. I wish they kept the IG droid a little longer in the series, instead there was just tooooo much of the Little Green Guy. And jokes around him were a way too repetitive.

Jawas were most welcome, but I didn't like them being outside their home of Tatooine. I mean it's possible they could be seen on other planets, but it looked more like a parody for A New Hope experience. They could make Jawas different here, like that they have some sort of a factory or small town, which could move around the rocky planet. Instead of a very similar Sand Crawler. The whole adventure with the egg looked fun, but not more. Most planets remind of Tatooine or Endor, which was boring. I wish they added something more extraordinary like Felucia or Christophsis.

Seeing Tatooine was a nice touch however, and I enjoyed the Lady Mechanic there. Probably my favourite character on the show. The bounty hunter was dull.

The episode with AT-ST didn't impress me. But the simple, yet quite active plot with the Republic Prison ship was good. It had all the things I expect from a short Star Wars story.

Clone Wars Flashbacks are always welcome.

I guess the show works very nice for those who enjoys Westerns – it has all the classic moves and motives in here. Personally I would like to see Season 2, as with the experimental stuff around Star Wars, the second try usually works better (e.g. Rogue One). There are already interesting rumours surrounding the new episodes of Mandalorian.

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