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Asia Mod Contest Results


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The conclusion of the Asia Mod Contest has arrived! This contest was very unique, and we got some really nice-looking submissions. Asian themes translate quite well to a Jedi-themed game, so surprisingly a lot of these mods don't feel completely out of place like I was expecting them to.


You guys voted for what you thought was best, and the winner is...




Last Updated Mar 11 2018 07:01 PM




Artemis swept the votes with her FFA_China map! The design of this map is quite simple, but the detail and atmosphere is beautiful. Not only does it look good, but it feels right. The size of the map is perfect for large FFA or TFFA matches. Fashion + function are the two things that every map should have, and this one definitely has both.


The first thing you will notice on this map is the glowing water. Or at least we assume its water. I suppose it could be some kind of magical or spiritual fluid of some kind. To me it looks like Mountain Dew Baja Blast. :P The glow can be quite blinding if you have dynamic glow on, and I think that may be intentional. The water sits in shallow pools and also flows down shallow waterfalls across the map.




The next thing you will notice is the detail in the architecture. I'm not sure what she used as her reference, but the design of the architecture is phenomenal. Especially the red puzzle-looking walls shown to the right, and the spikes on the corners of the building roofs. Very cool looking, and definitely look oriental in origin.


The atmosphere itself is very spooky in a way. There is fog, but it isn't dark. It has a very mysterious feel to it. It also appears to be on a mountain or hill, excluded from anything else visible in the distance. I think that if there was a night time version, seeing the place lit up by the water glow and the lanterns would be really cool. It would also make for a great opportunity for events that involve hiding! Just a thought. *nudge wink nudge*




One of the coolest little features that Artemis added was the Howler creature statues shown to left. This is the only connection to the Star Wars or Jedi Academy world in the map. It's subtle but it's a nice touch, and actually fits in well. The way they are posed look exactly like how you'd picture them to be posed for a statue.


Overall, this is a really great and unique map. I recommend adding it to map rotations or used in some way on servers around the community. It's unique, and may not be pure Star Wars-themed, but it fits well and serves as a good map to switch things up from time to time. Nice job, Art. You are the winner of the 2018 Asia Mod Contest!


The other submissions definitely deserve lots of praise as well, so be sure to check out each of them below!



Asia Temple Duel
Last Updated Mar 09 2018 09:09 PM

Last Updated Mar 11 2018 05:39 AM

New Year Dojo
Last Updated Feb 26 2018 05:46 PM



Very nice job to everyone that participated in the contest! If you didn't have time to make something for this one, don't worry! We will be having more contests in the future. Thanks to all who voted!

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Not fan of this celebration(that is why i throw in a towel on that one. Maybe for next contest i will make something :) ) but i must say - maps here look very cool! I agree with the winner. The fog and artistic taste is something that i rly enjoy. Also the lighting work is very big part of this map. And that glowing water!! but in terms of architecture my alo favourite maps will be @@Ramikad Bayon  and i like @@Delta_135 map . @@GPChannel you also made cool map! Rly big progress i must say.

Great work everybody!

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