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    I love it co-owner, thanks for posting this
  1. i'm so excited for these games to come, but will the new console versions have multiplayer? I hope there's a multiplayer feature in there
  2. the admin commands don't work on mine, this mod sucks
  3. which converting app supports .dm_26 files?
  4. How do I delete demos, and I see no demos folder in the App Store versions of the game.
  5. can I change my bot's name, I saw other servers do it
  6. greetings everyone, it's PacificSunwearFan77. I love to play gamemodes like FFA, Team FFA, Duel, and Capture the Flag on both games. My username for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy is Chuck E Cheese's. I will have a good day being here.
  7. RedNation will now be online all the time, so you can play without the owner or the admins, but the server will be offline sometimes Jedi Outcast: Jedi Academy:
  8. a new server called RedNation for both Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy is here, you will get weapons, force powers, and unlimited time, the server will play both default maps and custom maps, visit these websites for more details and server address. RedStormtrooper, the owner of the server for both games, forced me to do this post. Jedi Outcast: https://newrodrickauttp.weebly.com/rednation-on-jedi-outcast.html Jedi Academy: https://newrodrickauttp.weebly.com/rednation-on-jedi-academy.html
  9. Whenever I tried to upload a file, it says that there is no file selected for upload, can you guys please fix this?
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