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Chinese New Year 2018

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  1. FFA_China

    Description: *Chinese New Year Contest 2018 Entry*
    This is an FFA map modeled after various examples of Chinese/Asian architecture. The layout is heavily inspired by the temple in Dragon Valley from Battlefield 4. There are guns, ammo, and health pickups set up around the map for actual weapons FFAs. I've also added a duel area you can reach by pressing use on the middle obelisk next to the upper building. There are no secrets on this map, and the FPS can drop quite a bit, depending on your computer and game settings.
    I'd like to give a huge thanks to Bucky for compiling the map, taking screenshots that weren't from a potato resolution, and providing words of encouragement for the past month. Without him, this map would probably have taken 8 days to compile on my computer (if I even got that far!). Also, thanks to Wolf for testing the map in its early stages.
    Bugs and other things (full list in readme):
    -Because the map is essentially a large, open box, FPS isn't great. Dynamic glow will tank it. So even though things look really cool with glow turned on, I wouldn't recommend playing with it.
    -The lighting is a little bit... weird. I made the lights too bright and it shows.
    -There is actually botrouting on this map, but it wasn't really tested.
    -I only tested the map in MP, so if someone really wants it in SP and it doesn't work, let me know.


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  2. Jedi Academy Japanese Overhaul alpha2.015

    Jedi Academy Japanese Patch/Overhaul WIP mod, only Multiplayer is currently translated.
    -===- Instructions -===-
    Place .pk3 files into base.
    To enable go into Setup then Sound and Change Text to nihongo (will be in kanji)
    To have Japanese names or Japanese in chat. It only works as binds at the moment.
    Make a .cfg but change encoding to Japanese Shift-JIS before adding the japanese characters then save. In game type /exec configname.cfg
    An example cfg will be bundled in the zip file!

    -===- Known Bugs -===-
    Console breaks if you open before you join a server. Stull looking for a fix as /clear doesn't seem to fix anymore?.

    -===- Testers -===-
    Special thanks to those for testing:
    Dubby, HiddenSpy, BI_uNT, Saito Hajime, TriForce


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  3. China Beach from Neighbours from Hell 2

    Hello everybody!
    This is my recreation of the Neighbours From Hell 2 China Beach Level.
    Hope you like it!
    Map: FFA,Duel
    Put the NFH2China.pk3 into your Jedi Academy base Folder


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  4. Bayon

    A recreation of the Bayon, a massive temple constructed in Cambodia by order of the Khmer King-God Jayavarman VII during the XIII century.
    The map only works in SP mode. Although it is technically playable in MP mode as well, it has a lot of issues, mainly shaders and sounds, therefore it's not supported. Finding all the crystals around the temple (3 in total) will unlock a secret area.
    The map has a quite low luminosity, so you'll want to adjust the gamma in the Settings menu. There may be minor oversights, mostly technical ones, but I couldn't find any.
    To install, unpack the files in your GameData folder. To uninstall, remove Bayon.bat and the Bayon folder from your GameData folder.


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  5. Asia Temple Duel

    Contest Entry for the JKHub Chinese New Year 2018


    So here is my entry for the Chinese new year contest.
    It's a Asian temple inspired, somewhat big, duel map.
    The map has a mirror disigen with a big temple on each end.
    Between the temples are 4 small mini "dojos", they are mostly empty but each have a different wall design.
    In between the dojos is a big path connection the 2 major temples.
    The environment around the temples are a bit empty, but you get to enjoy a custom skybox made in blender3D.
    The map has bot support, bit it's somewhat wonky.
    I'd like to tanks Szico for his modelpack - https://jkhub.org/files/file/1976-map-models-pack-01/
    All custom textures are from Textures.com
    To install:
    Put the PK3 file in your gamedata/base folder


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  6. New Year Dojo

    New Year Dojo - for the Chinese New Year JKHub Event
    A small dojo for training with the sword... or one of them laser swords. Fully stocked with more health and shield packs than you could ever need and a gong if you feel like epicly announcing the start of a duel. Training on your lonesome? Deploy the target pole and you can practice your moves. Or just do /npc spawn rosh. Just remember if you're the last one out to turn off the lights - or if you want do a low light fight.
    The only reason this project was done so quickly for the event was most of it was already put together! I originally had planned to remake the DV Dojo for the School of War/Riddle of Steel community. Come to think of it, this is the first map I have ever uploaded and released publicly. So I hope everyone enjoys. Please feel free to leave feedback!
    Gametypes Supported: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Powerduel
    Bots Supported: Yes
    Installation and Use
    To install: Extract the .pk3 file from the .zip file and place it into your Jedi Academy's gamedata/base folder
    To play: /devmap newyear_dojo or select New Year Dojo from the map list


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  7. Droidy's Chinese New Year Flags

    This is a rather simple mod that changes the Flags in Capture the Flag to say "Happy Chinese New Year" in English and Chinese,
    I made this for the Chinese New Year's contest, wish me luck


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