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Praetorian Guard by PreFXDesigns 1.1

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Hello everyone


I am proud to announce my release of a Praetorian Guard in Jedi Knight Jedi Acadamy!
Because my brother and I made a Supreme Leader Snoke model, we also felt obligated to try and make a Praetorian Guard. Well I am happy we did!
At first we didn't thought it would be possible but after some research we gave it a go :)


To make it short, I started from a frankenstein of 3 parts:
- Praetorian Guard's new helmet has been made entirely from scratch by Milamber
- DT_Savage Opress' torso made by DT85
- Kylo Ren (TFA & TLJ)'s lower made by Plasma


The body and the arms have been heavily modified, it took me a lot of hours to perfectionate it. My brother did an awesome job on the textures, it couldn't have been any better.


We also got help from Tompa9 (bot files), Swegmaster (minor bugs fixed) and Kylo Ren who helped us creating the perfect shader ;)


Special thanks goes to The Punisher & dark_apprentice for letting me use their ported helmet. Without them, we wouldn't have started on this project.
Because we can't upload ported content on JKHub I asked help from my JoF clan member 'Milamber' to create a new one from scratch.


We will try to provide new helmets in the near future so stay tuned!


I am really pleased with the outcome and I hope you'll be too!


What's New in Version 1.1


  • - SinglePlayer Support (by The Punisher)

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I find it hard to believe that's a kitbash, it's crazy accurate! Nice job, dude!


Yea I know what you are saying, my brother worked a lot on remodeling the torso. We basically chose the Opress torso because he had these types of shoulder pads and I thought this was a good base :)

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does it work in sp?

It does. Just type npc spawn praetorian_guard in the command prompt. If you want to play the guard, just use the playermodel praetorian_guard command.

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I really hope in future updates you can add weapons and helmet variations. So then we can have an epic battle with Kylo and Rey like in the film with 6 different guards!

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so do I actually start a new game and select the guard? because doing "playermodel praetorian_guard/npc spawn praetorian_guard" still won't work for me, maybe I have a conflicting mod or something...

edit - yep turns out thats what I had to do

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It does. Just type npc spawn praetorian_guard in the command prompt. If you want to play the guard, just use the playermodel praetorian_guard command.

I've tried this and still unable to spawn guard in single player mode. I'm able to spawn other models but get error on this one. Not sure what to do.

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