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  1. JoFBall

    Title : JoFBall
    Author(s): PreFX, Weske
    Credits : Atlas, Perso, Gnost, ZantuS
    File Name : {JoF}Ball.pk3
    File size : 164mb
    Website : www.jofacademy.eu

    JoFBall is an upgraded version of Kyleball (original idea by ZantuS) where two teams contest for the ball by using their saber to score goals. 
    JoFBall is a popular event for the JKA clan ‘Jedi of Freedom’. Events are regularly held on the {JoF}Public Server. JoF members have the privilege to participate in the yearly JoFBall tournaments and have a chance to compete for the Striker title.
    The {JoF}Ball.pk3 is a bundle consisting of the following maps:
    ‘JoFBall’ is the first custom map and upgrade for the original Kyleball. This map features a central hub with teleports leading to 3 unique maps. Each map is different in size and has a different theme. Arena should be played 3v3, Streets 4v4 and Stadium 6v6. 
    ‘JoFBall_tournament’ features a central hub with teleports leading to three identical Arena’s. In comparison to its predecessor, the arena has an upgraded look, substitution area (dug-out) and spectator room. 
    Thanks to built-in triggers (admin room), the host can simultaneously initiate the start/stop of a round across all three arena’s. In addition to this, in-game messages are displayed for players to keep track of time.
    ‘JoFBall skillgames’ is a map which focuses on individual improvement presented in a set of fun and challenging minigames. Thanks to built-in triggers, the map allows repetitive practice in the core mechanics such as passing, shooting and keeping.
    Each minigame is supported with a tutorial and there is a distinction between basic and advanced to make sure everyone, regardless of skill, can play.

    JoFBall is designed to run on any JA+ server and requires the below server settings to work as intended.
    g_speed 300
    g_saberdamagescale 1.75
    g_saberdmgvelocityscale 1.85
    jp_allowSaberTouchDMG 1
    d_saberSPStyleDamage 0

    The four JoFBall Rules

    Gameplay video’s

    Just put the pk3 in GameData\base in your game directory.
    Write /jofballon in the console to load the 'JoFBall_skillgames' map and simulate the server settings in local Multiplayer.
    Best played in TFFA gametype.

    Known bugs
    Due to fast light compile, player models tend to look darker.
    Final words
    JoFBall is a project that we have been working on since late 2019. We hope you enjoy this map as much as we do!
    For any questions, feel free to contact us on discord PreFX#4386 and/or Weske#6740 or visit the {JoF}Public Server.


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  2. The Night King by PreFXDesigns

    Hello Star Wars and Game of Thrones fans!
    After watching Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 3, my brother and I were determined to make the Night King in JKA. Knowing that his face/head is similar to Zabrak (Darth Maul/Savage Opress), we stumbled upon DT Savage Opress and decided that this would be our base model.
    I decided to start with skinning the head, since this would be our eye opener. While I finished my rough first skinning attempt, we already saw that it turned out great and so we decided to not 'frankenstein' and use parts from other models. Only the horns from DT Darth Maul were added and modified. Besides that, my brother reshaped the head slightly, widened the body armour and modified the skirt a little bit but that's all.
    For the ones that are intrested in my skinning resources:
    https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GEeeN (head and torso) https://mcfarlane.com/toys/night-king/ (torso, hips, legs and arms)


    Npc Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes Singleplayer Support: No Team support: No


    Npc Spawn List:
    Night_King Night_King_v2


    Known bugs: Not really, his arms might come through his torso a little while swinging, because we have modified the torso.
    Let me know if there are any other issues.
    I hope you guys like our new model!


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  3. Jedi Knight Revan by PreFXDesigns

    My brother and I decided to do another small project which focuses on Jedi Knight Revan, released for SW Galaxy of Heroes.
    For me, it was love at first sight.
    Without further ado, let me explain to you what material I gathered on JKHUB to frankenstein this model:
    DT85's 'DT luke ep7' and Kualan's 'Jedi Temple Guard'.

    Special thanks to Milamber from my clan JoF who helped me get rid of the gap between torso and hips.
    Hope you guys like it !


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  4. Praetorian Guard by PreFXDesigns

    Hello everyone
    I am proud to announce my release of a Praetorian Guard in Jedi Knight Jedi Acadamy!
    Because my brother and I made a Supreme Leader Snoke model, we also felt obligated to try and make a Praetorian Guard. Well I am happy we did!
    At first we didn't thought it would be possible but after some research we gave it a go
    To make it short, I started from a frankenstein of 3 parts:
    - Praetorian Guard's new helmet has been made entirely from scratch by Milamber
    - DT_Savage Opress' torso made by DT85
    - Kylo Ren (TFA & TLJ)'s lower made by Plasma
    The body and the arms have been heavily modified, it took me a lot of hours to perfectionate it. My brother did an awesome job on the textures, it couldn't have been any better.
    We also got help from Tompa9 (bot files), Swegmaster (minor bugs fixed) and Kylo Ren who helped us creating the perfect shader
    Special thanks goes to The Punisher & dark_apprentice for letting me use their ported helmet. Without them, we wouldn't have started on this project.
    Because we can't upload ported content on JKHub I asked help from my JoF clan member 'Milamber' to create a new one from scratch.
    We will try to provide new helmets in the near future so stay tuned!
    I am really pleased with the outcome and I hope you'll be too!


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  5. Supreme Leader Snoke (TFA & TLJ) by PreFXDesigns

    Yesterday my brother and I were discussing if it was possible to create a decent looking Snoke model ourselves. I think that there's a lot of demand for Snoke in JKA and so we did our best.
    The model itself originates from Plasma's Kylo Ren (TFA & TLJ) and the head was originally a Spanki's jedi head. I reskinned all the textures to make it look like the Supreme Leader Snoke. I am really proud with the texture, especially the head.
    Besides that, my brother reshaped the head in Blender and frankensteined modeled it onto the Kylo Ren's body. Here and there little tweaks were made in order to make it look like Supreme Leader Snoke.
    We have also provided this model with some suitable sounds including three different taunts.
    The file consists out of 2 models, one with a gold custome and the other with a black costume.
    We are very happy with the outcome and I hope you'll be too!
    Version 1.1:
    Improved head model Slightly different head texture which is based on the Snoke from The Last Jedi Improved collar Slighty different robe texture NPC spawn list created by Tompa9:
    - npc spawn snoke (TLJ)
    - npc spawn snoke_tfa. BOT support made by Tompa9


    Version 1.2
    Added the old face texture/model from TFA into the PK3 file


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  6. Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

    This is Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3.
    The model itself originates from the original jedi model, but the head comes from Hapslash's Anakin model. My brother modified the head a bit and added a mohawk to it.
    I really feel like this is my best skin yet and I really wanted to share this with you guys
    I get many skin requests in my clan JoF and I really want to thank Waas for requesting this amazing character
    What do guys think about it?


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  7. Scary Zombie

    Hello everyone!
    When I saw the Halloween 2017 mod contest I was very excited to participate. So I decided to make a scary zombie
    I worked on it for aproximately 4 hours, but the effort was really worth it! I'm so happy with the outcome and I hope you guys are as well
    The model itself originates from the original jedi model, but the head comes from Hapslash's Anakin model. My brother modified it a bit by adding a mohawk, because he wanted to make Radja Nainggolan.
    I also used this model for making Vaas Montenegro.
    I couldn't upload the pk3 file without proper zombie sounds right? xD
    So I added a couple of cool sounds
    Thanks guys and have a happy and scary halloween!
    - Halloween Mod contest 2017 entry -


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  8. Prisoner football skins (Barcelona, Chelsea, Belgium and Genk)

    Hello everyone I'm PreFXDesigns and these are my football skins.
    I thought why not make a football player? So I did
    The outcome is really good and I hope you guys like them.
    To be precise, I have 5 football players:
    - FC Barcelona home kit
    - Chelsea FC home kit
    - Chelsea FC away kit
    - Belgium home kit
    - KRC Genk home kit
    The model I used for my skins is "Prisoner Re-Skin v1" from Goddess.
    What do you guys think about my first skins?


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