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  1. I have not seen the series but from the screenshots provided this is appears to be beautifully crafted map. I look forward to testing it out sometime.
  2. holy multicoloured trees, bat-sensei!
  3. Out of these I like the red brick texture the most. Could say it actually makes me want to map stuff again just to be able to see it on something in-game...
  4. I remember trying something like this back when I was into mapping and shaders. I'd been using Szico VII's reflective shader, the same one from the bathrooms from BlueIce Twilight (note: you can find it in the source files and fool around with it for educational purposes, but if you want to use the shaders for a release you'll need to ask permission from Szico & include a credit for his work) and you'll find it can work more or less with any flat texture you give it. In glass/transparency shaders, most of the glass shaders in the game use grayscale .jpgs or transparent .pngs. I don't recall attempting to use a transparent .png or .tga for a reflective shader, but because of how GTK Radiant renders the shader and the misc_portal entities (is that the right one? it's been a while...) together. On this note, if you haven't already made a general reflective shader (mirror) on your own, I'd suggest doing that first - again, the source files for BlueIce Twilight are an invaluable learning source, open up the .map file in radiant and have a look to see how Szico VII set up his mirrors as I probably did mine the same way. As for merging the effects of a transparent (glass) shader and a reflective (mirror) shader into one, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it probably isn't going to work out, and probably because each is a different shader type and Raidant is probably only going to render the texture as flat, transparent, or reflective. As far as I have gotten is to add parameters to the reflective shader so that it wobbled like water shaders do - so if you were thinking about reflective and transparent water, probably not going to work out either lol. On the note of the water however, have you seen Darth Norman's tutorial for the water shader he used in his map Arevass? Norman took a segment of the skybox he'd created for the map, bent it around a bit, and applied it as an envmap to the water shader so that as the water wobbled it'd have the appearance of reflecting the skybox when in reality all it was doing was flipping through the bent segment of the skybox he'd attached to it. As several of the glass shaders in JO/JA already have envmap sections, that part of the shader is already done for you - you just need to take a screenshot of the stuff opposite the glass, create a shader for the glass that includes that screenshot (albeit edited, if you like) as an envmap, and then fit the glass texture to the face of the brush you want. It'll require some fiddling no doubt, but in my opinion it is probably the only way that you're going to have a shader appear to be transparent and reflective at the same time because literally adding the transparency+reflective functions into a single shader is probably not going to render in Q3 / GTK Radiant.
  5. I'd be interested in faster projectiles for the Blaster and the Bowcaster in particular; if the projectiles were brought in line with their depiction in A New Hope and The Empire Strikes (and the sounds, too) I feel the game would have a far more realistic pace to it (since it'll be less likely that players/Kyle can 'walk out of the way' of incoming Blaster fire) and coupled with improved AI for ranged NPCs I anticipate we'd have shoot-outs that are more involving than the rather riskless exchanges in the Kejim levels (for instance).
  6. also 12.38 is some serious sneak Master Luke is not pleased. No strafe jump for you, Jaden.
  7. 31.03 "Stealth may be a wiser choice here" *jumps up the freakin' ship*
  8. I like the idea that the quality of a game logo can decide whether or not they will actually develop a game for said logo. Having said that ... I find it difficult to distinguish which of these could have actually been titles for games at the drawing board stage from those which were probably just creative exercises on the part of Lucasarts employees.
  9. It won't be new verion, I am merely adding an optional texture pack that changes a few things around. That's all.
  10. Although there has been nothing inhibiting me from uploading The Quad to this site, I have been holding back because I've have been working higher quality texture pack for it for a few months, and I need to re-write the read-me file to go with it. I don't expect to sit on it for the rest of the year though, you might see it in a few months.
  11. It was the version you linked to me, so it was the version I tested! You monster.
  12. I recieved the Moonbase Labs 0.2 Alpha file from Szico about a fortnight ago, and since the semester has finished I have now had the opportunity to test it out. I adored the brushwork I have seen in the screenshots, and I am pleased to say that in-game it has lived up to my expectations - good use of lighting, textures are about right, and although one of the specular shaders felt out of place I felt the rest were fine. I'd had a decent look around, so I thought I'd get a better look at your brushwork on the door frames. As I was admiring the door frames, suddenly, I died. As you can imagine I was caught off guard by this, so I took a screenshot. I proceeded back to where I had died to see what had happened. You see, in my admiration of your brushwork, I had not anticipated that I might suddenly be chomped by one of your doors. However, as I soon discovered, this was not an isolated incident: all of the doors in this map have a thirst for blood and shall merciliously crush anyone who may dare to linger in their wake. I am concerned because I do not find this problem with the doors in other maps. Doors in other maps are happy, peaceful doors, who will wait for players to move out of the way before closing. The doors in Moonbase Labs however, are intent at murder. Doors aside, I had a good (but short) time looking around in this map. I look forward to seeing your next set of progress screenshots.
  13. The barrels look great, though I'm not sure about the sound effect.
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