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  1. That's too bad. I think I'll try re-downloading q3map2 and the GUI to see if that changes anything
  2. @@AshuraDX Here's a link to the .map https://www.dropbox.com/s/0n1xuoesrzfi8f5/skybox.map?dl=0 And the compiler log I'm not sure what you mean by my version of the .map versus the original, sorry
  3. I've recently encountered a new problem, in which terrain entities become invisible, yet structurally still active, after compiling maps. I've never had this sort of issue before, and typically incorporate terrain developed in Easygen in my maps. I've already determined that there's nothing wrong with my shader or alphamap files, yet for some strange reason any terrain entities become completely invisible in game. I believe it has something to do with my compilation process, perhaps q3map2 isn't recognizing my shaderlist.txt? In troubleshooting the anomaly, I downloaded the "Terrain" prefab, placed the alphamap pcx in my base folder, the shader in base/shaders, added the shader to shaderlist.txt, and compiled the map. The terrain was invisible in my compiled .bsp, yet visible in the already compiled bsp that comes with the prefab. This has been a very annoying problem to suddenly arise for seemingly no reason, and I would very much so appreciate any assistance or advice. Thanks in advance.
  4. Well, the problem has since resolved itself without my intended efforts. I'm assuming it was just a compilation glitch of a sort, because it only occurred in a single map.
  5. @ Sorry for the late reply, I kind of assumed this topic was already dead. I haven't actually checked to see if the sprites were being rendered on the inverse side of the texture, that had not occurred to me as a possibility. Is that a common shader problem that I was unaware of? Either way, I'll have to check and see.
  6. I was near completion of my newest map, when I realized that grass sprites weren't present on the group entity used for terrain. Everything else functions as desired, all other shaders have been successfully integrated without error, and even my grass sprite texture functions as desired when applied to a standard worldspawn brush, yet when applied to terrain, the sprite portion of it fails to load. I have determined that this failure is caused by the fact that the terrain brushes are part of a single group entity, and in some way this disables the ability of the shader to include sprites. The q3map_material was obviously retained regardless of the entity status of the brushes the shader was applied to, along with a few other lighting properties, excluding only the sprites. This ability for the map to include grass sprites on the terrain is fundamental to the concept of the map. I spent quite a long time perfecting the functionality of the grass shader specifically for the purpose of applying it to the terrain brushes. I have already attempted making the terrain brushes part of the worldspawn, but this results in an unavoidable safe_malloc error during the light portion of compilation (the pc used for compilation has 8GB of Ram and a 4 core 2.8GHz processor, and the >2GB Memory Q3map2.exe was used) , and as a result is not an option. Precautions to avoid excessive lag (such as detail v. structural brushes, use of patchwork when possible, etc.) have already been taken as well. To emphasize, the only problem is the grass sprites not loading on terrain brushes. Any ideas or assistance are greatly appreciated. Grass Shader:
  7. Oh, cool. I had considered that, but wasn't really sure if the mixed .dlls would function properly together.
  8. @@mrwonko Do you know of any OpenJK mods that include "trueview" in their source code? I've never understood code very well, but I'm fairly confident that the set of .dlls that I'm currently using are what allow for "trueview." It would be very nice to have a more efficient renderer, but at the same time I can't really afford to lose the nice camera effects in my current set of code.
  9. @@Ramikad That q3map_surfaceModel option seems as though it may work. I have an idea. Perhaps I could make a grass model that is a single surface with a grass sprite texture, then animate that texture in a shader to simulate wind. I could then use that model in a texture shader that makes use of the surfaceModel option. Unfortunately I foresee this method as causing more fps drop than before, due to the high amount of models that would be rendered, regardless of their simplicity. Still, I feel as though there must be some kind of loophole that we could exploit in order to get more realistic grass in game.
  10. I was creating a new grass texture/shader and realized that I didn't know how to change a few of the sprites' properties. I want to know what determines sprite size (height of grass blades), and density (how many there are per brush). Below is an example of one of my shaders. This functions well in game, yet the grass is almost as tall as the player, and density is not very desirable. I tried changing the ssFadescale value, but anything above 3000 lags. The cause of lag is somewhat of a mystery to me, since my PC is able to run GTA V and SWtoR at maximum graphics without issues. For those who haven't seen it, below is an image of SWtoR grass. Finally, this is what I'm attempting to achieve with my grass shader.
  11. @@Circa Ah, I found the model I was looking for after searching more in depth. Initially I only saw very low quality reskins.
  12. @@mrwonko Thank you, I tested both pk3s, and it turned out they used the same models, except with different icons and sounds. Either one will work. Also, I should probably have asked before, but the Vegeta (from DBZ) player model would also be nice to have again, if it isn't too much trouble anyways.
  13. Anyone have Sora from Kingdom Hearts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwLQXX5yky0
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