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    Only works for MP
  2. Scerenso


    Made an NPC file for this model and no matter what I do, it doesn't spawn. Nor does is allow me to use aiden as a player model. Only works for MP...
  3. I know im late but in the command menu type: "saber sniper_bh sniper_bh"
  4. To this day... the NPCs spawn in with no lightsabers and there is no fix...
  5. Also whenever you have time, do you think you can teach me how to make Nova usable in the character creation for SP? No rush
  6. No sir. I just wanted him as an NPC just for standard SP. I made him with jedi master stats
  7. I tried to turn the "nova" character into an NPC but when I spawn him in, It crash every time its engaged in combat? How much for a Nova NPC or can you help me properly make one with that model?
  8. matiasfett im in the same boat as you...
  9. Thank you so much for your help! I got it down now
  10. Is it possible to have this map made for the base sp without openjk? At least just the jedi temple?
  11. So the only thing I know how to do is to install and download mods. Can someone please walk me through on how to edit NPCs? The YouTube videos confuse me.
    It keeps crashing when I try to run JA... please help
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