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    A repack of all the sourcefiles and official modtools for jka, including the most recent patches and fixes to make them work on recent OSs and drivers. Did I miss any of the official source files? E-Mail me and I'll make sure to add them. Credits: Raven Software - For providing the original soruce file and tool packages used to compile this version Xycaleth - fixes to Modview and the MacOS Version of Modview Archangel35757 - fixes to carcass, md3view DT85 - helped in gathering the various releases by Raven Software for the Package
  2. 292 downloads

    Submitted by: By The Kid!? Original Creator: OGOO7J1 (formerly known as Pitchest Heart) FM3Av4 is finally released! Changelog: *NEW SCREENS, MENUS AND VIDEO - Music can be accessed on any map using the in game "MUSIC" menu located in the options bar. - You can access a selection of various crosshairs in the main menu after choosing a saber in profile or in the "AIMING" menu while in a game. - While in a game you can access the "VIEWS" menu to adjust various aspects of the camera's position in relation to your character. - A seperate config for each
  3. Version V2


    Uploaded by: DarthDerpo Description: This is an edited version of the Homer Simpson model released by Marco Fernandez (AKA ArchAngel) for Jedi Outcast. This version is for Jedi Academy and has some extra features: Bot support: Yes NPC support: Yes (Ally NPC) Installation: Simply extract this .zip file into your gamedata/base folder. Skins Available: /default (typical Homer) /red (Evil Homer) /blue (Farmer Homer) /bowler (pin pals) /jumper (jail suit) /hulk (a must see) /pink (of the pink shirt episode) NPC: Bring the console and type in (without quotatios): "npc spawn homer".
  4. 1,545 downloads

    Title : Jedi Temple Type : FFA/TFFA File Name : jeditemple_ta File Size : 23.919 Mb Author(s) Map: =tom= Layout:=tom=/ACiDUS Textures:=tom=/ACiDuS Date of Release : 20/06/2007 Email Address : mariocheret@hotmail.com Homepage : http://mbgs.tk Description : This is our vision of the Jedi Temple. This map was originaly made for The MovieBattles II mod(http://www.moviebattles.com/) Note: This is an FFA version based on the Movie Battles II map from Build 18. No youngling NPC's available, but plenty of weapon spawns. Special thanks to: - =Some0ne= for the statue in the Blue Ha
  5. 175 downloads

    Submitted By: Veilor Created By: DaDosDude This map was NOT created by me, but by DaDosDude 13 years ago for a Dragon Ball mod we both were a part of, The Power Within. It failed but I kept most of the files throughout the years and I sent DaDosDude a mail asking for permission to upload it here and he said go ahead. Proof of the mail exchange here. This map is in a beta state but still playable without any visible bugs, all original map files are gone, so nothing more can be done on it. Enjoy! -------------------- Jedi Knight III -------------------- -------------------- Info: -------
  6. 171 downloads

    Uploaded by Cagelight This is not my map, this is the daytime version of Winter's Gift (https://jkhub.org/files/file/2178-winters-gift/) that I got ages ago from pcgamemods. I don't have the original readme but I'm almost positive this was made by the original Winter's Gift author(s). I noticed it wasn't uploaded anywhere else so I'm uploading it here. This map requires the original Winter's Gift to be installed to work correctly. ------------------- Winter's Gift Day Authors: *VaS*Buffy and Jenova*Rebirth*(*VaS*Jenova) Contacts: vasbuffy@gmail.com and jenova19848@hotmail.com Release Date:
  7. Version V1.0


    Uploaded by Tompa9 ****************************************** JEDI KNIGHT III : JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION ****************************************** Title : Queen Amidala + Handmaiden 1 and 2 Author : Liberty Ashford E-Mail : food_raider01@hotmail.com File Name : Queen Amidala.pk3, Handmaiden.pk3, Handmaiden2.pk3 File Size : 2, 499 KB, 1, 409 KB and 1, 428 KB Date Released : 18/08-06 Team Colours : Yes New Sounds : Yes Model & Textures - HapFord Team (Hapslash and Liberty Ashford) Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion - Infinity Blade Description: ----------------------
  8. JKHub


    Version (JK2)


    File created by ksk_h2o Original README: ***************************JEDI KNIGHT II MODEL***************************Title : GRAY FOXAuthorModel by : ksk_h2oSkins By : ksk_h2o, [SM]Maximus, FoJ_JM_MiyamotoE-Mail : ksk_h2o@hotmail.comWebsite : --File Name : grayfox.pk3File Size : 3.2 MB Date Released : Feb 18 2003Description : Multiplayer ModelComments : Well, as the name says it, its Gray Fox, as the Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid.***=======****The caps TGA and caps shader in the pack is from the cheshire vader model by cheshire cat and Matt "arco" Fergusson, and Michael Frost "sithlord-ii
  9. JKHub


    Version JKA Version


    Readme: Author (Of this SoundFix): Xen/MeWmIXNOTE: I did not make this Model..all I did was make it so the sounds would work in JA.Also, I am 80% done with The Twin Snakes version of Gray Fox, I just need my skinning done. Included will be the sounds, Bloody Gray Fox, Spider-Fox (Unlockable Costume Change for him) and hopefully I can finally finish my Beam Rifle model for his arm.Credits: Well of course ksk_h20 for the model, and SM]Maximus, FoJ_JM_Miyamoto for the skins. This is probably the best model for JO and it should be appreciated by being used by people in JA. I use it alot..so t
  10. JKHub



    Readme: ***************************JEDI KNIGHT III MODEL***************************Title : Gray Fox V1Author: GrayFox814Model by : Darth KittySkins By : Darth Kitty, GrayFox814E-Mail : darth_kitty@hotmail.com(Darth Kitty...obviously) quatre_gsandrock@yahoo.com(GrayFox814)Website : www.shoopshq.com(GrayFox814)File Name : ninjafox.pk3Description : Multiplayer Model, SIngle Player ModelComments : Well this model was made by Darth Kitty and released with his Solid Skake Pack as a hidden character. As such, it had no sounds so i added some . I also fixed up a few of the skins and added a few o
  11. 367 downloads

    Author: |GG|Carl Readme Description: ---------------------------- This is my very first map, and I have no mapping experiences from before, so if you happen to be an evil reviewer from map-review or something, go easy on me! The map is like an asteroid with lot's of different themes on it (Formula 1, Indiana Jones, real life etc.). NOTE: Yeah, I read that stuff about "maintaining a consistent style throughout the map" but whatever, I like being a little different It's kinda huge, and there are a few ships on it (I know, "JA is not a flying game", but don't fly if you don't like it...) I
  12. So called "emotional attachments" are a way for the multiplayer bots/characters to relate to each other and take sides with their loved ones and friends in FFA game mode, too, instead of attacking everything in sight like a mindless zombie. The problem is there has been great confusion as to how this all works. Due to a few key custom-made player models having this implemented with an error (and people habitually copying the faulty files), the result has been that many of today's newly released player models have non-working relationships implemented. So let's look into how it works a litt
  13. Please note that we have been granted permission by Richard to link to and/or host these tutorials. ‚Äč Click here to go to the re-hosted version of Rich's site. GtkRadiant can be downloaded here. The RichDiesal Mapping University / RichDiesal's JK2Radiant MapSource was regarded by many across the community as the best set of tutorials for beginners and advanced mappers to learn from. Some time in 2010 when Map-Craft went down, RichDiesal's tutorials went down along with it, and that is why all the below links point to Internet Archive pages. Please note that some images no longer work.
  14. This tutorial attempts to explain in detail the console commands used to enable a realistic lightsaber combat simulation in your Jedi Academy game. Launch the game. In the main menu hold Shift on your keyboard and press the tilde key (~) to bring up the game console. Single-player game: Type the following into the console: helpusobi 1 Press the Enter key on your keyboard to apply the new setting. This command allows us to make advanced changes to the game. Then, type the following command and press Enter: seta g_sabermorerealistic 2 This command raises the damage level of a
  15. JKHub


    Version 3.17.16


    Q: What is xNormal? A: xNormal is an application to generate normal / ambient occlusion / displacement maps. It can also project the texture of the highpoly model into the lowpoly mesh ( complete texture transfer, even with different topologies ). It also includes an interactive 3D viewer ( with advanced shaders and realtime soft shadows / glow effect ), some Photoshop filters and importers/exporters for 3dsmax (Max7-2013) and Maya (8.5-2013). It supports high levels of parallelism using multicore/multithreading, distributed/parallel rendering, ray tracing and advanced GPGPU techniques. (NOTE:
  16. 687 downloads

    OpenJediProject Enhanced Source Code (2013) This is the last source code of OJP Enhanced released by Razorace on lucasforums.com (2013) before the site goes down. This is not the exatly the source corde of OJP 1.2 (2008) but a later version (2013) which was never officialy released. So if you compile this source, you will get some minor differences with the compiled OJP 1.2. OJP Team : razorace@hotmail.com http://www.moddb.com/mods/open-jedi-project-enhanced Presentation of OJP : Master your weapon. Master the Force. Master yourself. The Open Jedi Project (OJP) is an open source modifica
  17. 182 downloads

    Author; This map was totally made by Desostros,who is a part of Digital Core.DC is a mapping team that consists of myself (Deso) and Stormkiller. Description; "Sith choas dimention." is a medium sized JKA map made for duel AND FFA purposes.Ideal for duels.This map is botrouted. Other info; This PK3 file contains some new textures and new shaders.
  18. 130 downloads

    Original Author: McCrusher Uploaded by eezstreet Message From Lando: "Welcome aboard the "Cloud Shark". She's a vintage cruiser I recently won in a game of chance, while I was a "guest" at Reloo's waste facility. Actually it wasn't until after I won her that Reloo threw me in his brig. But with the help of a friend I was able to collect her... My friend never told me how he did it.... or whats become of Reloo. The "Cloud Shark" still uses the old Fitnell-33 antigrav turbines. Well suited for the lower gravity on Bespin. I use her mostly for pleasure tours and hunting, the cruiser has eno
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