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  1. Ok so I just want the animations but not the hilts, since I already have a hilts mod I like, but whenever I use these mods without the one that adds in the hilts, it doesn't work, everyone's just spread-eagle. They look like they're all trying to tell me they once caught a fish this big. Is there any way to fix this so that I can use my hilt mod AND get the animations?
  2. I like the concept, but it has the problem of changing the hilt, at least with me, is there a way to make it where it only changes the blade?
  3. i'm pretty new to modding this game and i'm especially new to this website, so maybe everyone has this problem and the solution is well known. I've used a bunch of mods to add new lightsaber hilts to the game, annoyingly those kinds that you need to spawn in with console commands in singleplayer (why can't people make it where you can just get them from the lightsaber creation menu in singleplayer? I'm willing to bet it'd fix this!). After about 10 minutes to select my lightsaber I finally got moving on the first mission, but when I got to the stormtroopers you have to kill before the dark jedi shows up, I got a little message in the top left corner going: "ERROR: Couldn't spawn NPC stormtrooper" "ERROR: Couldn't spawn NPC stormtrooper" the stormtroopers just weren't there and the sith wouldn't show up, so I was just kinda stuck. Any advice?
  4. If you aren't gonna make it where you can get the sabers in the creation menu, then make it where it's available through cheats like a lot of other mods. If you make it where you can get the saber through cheats, tell us the code required in the readme instead of just copy-pasting the mod page. Chances are if I have the mod already read the page.
  5. Doesn't look half-bad, but - as seems to be the theme for these - I'm annoyed that it's multiplayer only.
  6. I agree with the comment above, why do these never seem to be available in the singleplayer character creation menu?
  7. I agree with the comment above this. Why not just make it available in the character creation menu?
  8. Overall a nice looking saber, I like this sort of simple, but elegant hilt design scheme. I'd say my misgivings with the mod are namely that it seems to be multiplayer only. This leaves people like myself who mostly play singleplayer kinda left out.
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