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  1. Well, single player is ONLY what I need, thank you. So, I can't just "put" .pk3 file into BASE folder? Oh, well... When I got time...I'll deal with that. Thank you for the links.
  2. Hello to all. I'm looking for mods, custom mods. I am looking for light sabers. Not from movies, not from other games....but custom made, from fans and moders. I want to enhance my (and others) single player experience. To add more "default light sabers hilts" created by fans, moders... I accept everything, even longer ones and staff sabers. Any suggestions? P.S. Light sabers which CAN BE visible in GAME MENU not activated by console, please. I've got some "rookie" kids in neighborhood and they all want to play Academy "ENHANCED". Thank you.
  3. Well, my autocfg file look like this: helpusobi 1 seta r_customwidth 1600 seta r_customheight 900 seta r_mode -1 seta g_subtitles 1 seta g_sabermorerealistic 2 seta g_dismemberment 3 seta g_dismemberprobabilities 40 seta broadsword 1 G_saberpickuppabledroppedsabers 1 dropsaber This one is from "jaconfig.cfg": bind F5 "G_saberpickuppabledroppedsabers 1; dropsaber" On every level start, first I drop saber (F5 key), than pick it up with simple "use key" ®. After Vjun, I really have no need to "build" new lightsaber, just continue with single one. I've got three styles with single and
  4. Hey guys.... I was shocked just now. I've got few mods for Jedi Academy....mostly "eye candy" mods....except red color lightsaber called Sekizen... Also I've got few cheats BINDed (drop lightsaber/pickup)... (At the beggining of the level, I drop lightsaber than pick it up and than I can pick them up all the way.....even throw staffs). Whatever! I've been on Taspir I and at the very end (bridge with Reborn Master)...Reborn HAD A LIGHSABER from DESANN from JK2. You know that one? LONGER saber...with that strange hilt with daggers at the end... Anyone noticed that ever???
  5. I would like to see Old Republic. Before the "rule of two" among Siths. The Old Republic E3 trailers should be great! Imagine animated series like that.
  6. Rian Johnson??? As*hole on wheels! For me, SW will always be original trilogy and prequel trilogy. Drop dead Disney!
  7. Awesome saber!!! Where can I stand in line to wait for a saber for me? Ooh! Special request! Make it longer! I've read in sab file that default saber length is "40"....whatever that means... And make it curvy....like Dookus... Make mine longer.... hahahahh Just joking! Awesome work dude!
  8. Ok, since I have no idea what are you talking about.... Is there a MODE with WHITE and BLACK lightsaber color??? I already have RED... Thanks.
  9. Dude you're a genious! But I have a few questions. I've got few cheats enabled permanently. This is how my autoexec.cfg file looks like: helpusobi 1 seta r_customwidth 1600 seta r_customheight 900 seta r_mode -1 seta g_subtitles 1 seta g_sabermorerealistic 2 seta g_dismemberment 3 seta g_dismemberprobabilities 40 seta broadsword 1 G_saberpickuppabledroppedsabers 1 dropsaber I've got few mods as well: Better graphics mode (created by God knows who, I stripped it....sort of.....droid do not bleed); compiled with BG mode is Julianos reborn textures and something like that..... Overal
  10. As a stand-alone movie......it is OK. But as a part of a saga....it sucks. The way Luke died, it is OK. Reason WHY he died.......IT SUCKS. Snoke is dead. I hoped that he will throw Skywalker like a ragdoll. I wanted some big FIGHT MAN! X-Wings are COOL. Poe was awesome and so is Fin. But overall.....3 out of 10. And that would be poor 3. Lightsaber fights in prequels??? That would be HOLY SHIT! Yoda and Dooku in Ep2? AMAZING! Ben and Anakin in EP3? Ben and Maul (after Qui-Gons death PART) when Kenobi enters the room and start to kick his ass...DAAAMN! Lightsaber fights are t
  11. I'm not disappointed much, with The Last Jedi. I haven't expected much.....so naturally.... I was disappointed with the TFA. There, I expected too much. My younger sister loved this one. But she didn't absorb SW as much as me in her youth. She is young, that is a fact, but I "poisoned" her with SW when she was 5-6-7 years old. This youth today is waaaaay different than us, "elders". I'm 31, but sometimes I feel like I'm 51. Like I was born in '60's. Back in the day we haven't got internet or games that much. We played as normal kids outside. Kids these days are dependent of the web,
  12. Makes more sense than this piece of c**p! Anybody say REBELS? Hell, Hera and Zeb are two outstanding characters, way better than all of them in TLJ.
  13. Prequels were watchable. Only annoying thing for me was the fact that "technology" in prequels looks better than in original trilogy. Such an excitement in TFA to find Luke Skywalker, a "hero of the republic".......just to find out that he is an old as*hole! F***in' JJ and R.J.
  14. I just watched it. Well......I......I was.....The Last Jedi is a...........HUGE SHHHHHH......! I've waited for thirty years to see Skywalker in its full potential......and what? Force Illusion??? Snoke? Such a powerfull Force user......DEAD??? Just like that? Rest In Peace Star Wars. P.S. Right now, I'm gonna make some popcorns and I'm gonna watch original trilogy UNALTERED. Drop dead Disney!
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