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  1. Looks brilliant! The only thing I would suggest if you do a next update is that on the hooded/cape version, the cape on the back is kind of squashed and jagged - if possible just a clean straight shoulder cape might look better. The model looks great in play though, great work man
  2. Hey dude! Sorry, your reply didn't pop up in my alerts. Yeah that would be awesome, thanks man I really appreciate the effort. My Email address is just alex@targetedweb.co.uk
  3. The duel and staff sabers are cool, but at the end of the game through the temple feels so off when every sith and jedi I encounter is using a staff or duel wielding sabers, it kind of dilutes the uniquness of it a bit, considering in the movies only one character used a staff saber and Anakin duel wielded for all of 7 seconds. Basically my question is if there is a mod that changes most or all of them to just use a single saber, or if there is a straightforward way of just doing it myself - thanks for any help anyone can give!
  4. I think he just has a black belt buckle on his actual costume? The front of the helmet has alot of detail and looks clean and good though, only thing I would really change would be the cape on his back.
  5. For me it is in SP, single saber against a spawned generic reborn (single sabre) I'm not using OpenJK or anything else.
  6. Would it be possible to change the orange saber in SP to the red unstable effect and just select that, so that all the enemies have regular red blades and you get the crackling one (As far as i'm aware none of the enemies use orange and maybe just the jedi trainers) This is an awesome job though, well done!
  7. Haha thank you. I'm not even being lazy, i've read through guides and walkthroughs and tried everything, I just really, really suck at it now. I've been at it all day with no luck at all >__<
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