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Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens. UltimateForceUser wanted me to make a new Kylo Ren, so I did!



To use this mod, place the "Kylo V.1.02" file in your"C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base" folder, or wherever your base folder is.


Single Player, Multiplayer, BOT, and NPC support included.


NOTE: Like most Kylo Ren models, for this model to work properly you need to download DarthMartyr's Kylo Ren Lightsaber.



Kylo (Kylo Ren with cape and hood)

Kylo_nocape (Kylo Ren without hood and cape).


Known bugs:

Minor clipping.

Helmet shadows are messed up so that in some lighting one side is dark while the other is light.


I would like to dedicate this model to Darth Vader. He was so cool.




Another NOTE: I have no problem with someone using my work, but as long as the TFA computation is going on I would appreciate it if nobody would use any part of it for the computation. Thank you.


I hope you all enjoy, and Merry 12th Day of Christmas.


What's New in Version 1.02


  • New sounds and some small texture and bot file changes. The NPC file now uses DarthMartyr's Kylo Ren Lightsaber.
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He look like an alien xenemorph from the side because the helmet is too long and its totally even along the bottom side. I think he just needs a new helmet and a fixed belt texture because it looks like a nintendo gameboy in the screenshot. But overall great job. 4 stars. :)

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I think he just has a black belt buckle on his actual costume? The front of the helmet has alot of detail and looks clean and good though, only thing I would really change would be the cape on his back.

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I'm absolutely loving this model however i do get one slight issue, and that is that one side of the mask is always either brighter or dimmer than the other side. Still the best Kylo skin i have seen yet and love using it, worthy of a definite 4 stars. possibility of 5 if the mask can get fixed ;D

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I can confirm it works with AshuraDX's. I believe it should work with Darth Martyr's.

I don't care about AshuraDX's, because it's not an accurate likeness to its source. Darth Martyr's is the current closest. Particularly his hilt.

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I don't care about AshuraDX's, because it's not an accurate likeness to its source. Darth Martyr's is the current closest. Particularly his hilt.

I just wanted to say that it works with that one in case Martyr's doesn't.

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I don't know whether I am a complete noob at modding, or that my Windows 10 operating system is terrible at handling this game. I have done everything said in the readme text, but it still will not let me replace Jaden's skin with Kylo Ren's. Is there anything else I need to do.

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I am still having trouble replacing Jaden's skin with Ren's even though I have followed all the destructions.

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This is the best Kylo Ren pack ever! If you ever get a chance to retexture it, please make a unmasked option! (Ben Solo's face) ooh and a battle scarred option after Rey defeats him would be cool also.

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