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  1. Cube

    The Cube from the movie itself. It is designed for MP and with coop in mind. The goal is to navigate through a maze of similar-looking cubes, most of which filled with deadly traps. Due to time constraints I wasn't able to make the traps as nice as I hoped, so at least for this release they simply kill you on touch.
    It contains two NPCs, used for the hatch animations.
    I also included the original .map file, in case anyone wanted to mess around with it. Touch it at your own risk.
    To install, unpack the file cube.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file cube.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.


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  2. Aliens

    Several player models of aliens frequently reported and described in literature or depicted in movies. Go abduct an unsuspecting player!
    Included are NPC files with accurate height. NPC names are gray, gray2, gray3, gray_doctor, gray_walton, gray_female, slave, orange, orange2, orange3, nordic.
    To install, unpack the file z_Aliens.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file z_Aliens.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.


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  3. Coronavirus

    The infamous Coronavirus, which can be selected as player model. Go spread the terror and the infection on the servers!
    Included is a modified interrogator NPC file, which replaces the interrogator droid with the virus model. Really creepy to see those things slowly but surely floating toward you!
    It doesn't work too well in singleplayer - messy tags and everything preventing the player to use the lightsaber correctly, and the interrogator coronavirus constantly rotating on itself - so I advise using it in multiplayer only.
    To install, as usual, put the file coronavirus.pk3 inside your GameData/Base folder. Just as usual, to uninstall, delete that file.


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  4. R2-D2 with tray

    This is an R2 unit with a tray on top of it, as seen in Return of the Jedi. Originally created as a gift to Noodle, who requested it on december 2016, he gave permission to upload it on JKHub, in compliance with the Secret Santa 2018 rules. It comes in two versions: the bronze one seen in Return of the Jedi, and a silver version of it.
    Included are "lightsaber" versions of the glasses on the tray, in case anyone doesn't drink slime responsibly and feels the uncontrollable urge to crack noses and chip teeth.
    To spawn the astromech with tray, simply type "npc spawn r2d2_t". For the silver version, "npc spawn r2d2_t_silver". For the lightsabers, type "saber glass", "saber glass_empty", "saber glass_silver", or "saber glass_silver_empty" for the specific versions.
    To install, as usual, put the file R2-D2_w_tray.pk3 inside your GameData/Base folder. Just as usual, to uninstall, delete that file.


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  5. Chicken-Duck-Woman Thing

    A quick remodel of the old Jedi Outcast Tavion into the feared Chicken-Duck-Woman Thing that Ben Kenobi mentions in the "Bushes of Love" music video.
    No known bug or issue, except maybe some possible compenetrations with certain animations.
    Also, it was basically slapped together in a short time, so the quality of the model isn't that great.
    But at least now you can worry all day about what's waiting in the Bushes of Love.
    To install, as usual, put the file ChickenDuckWomanThing.pk3 inside your GameData/Base folder. Just as usual, to uninstall, delete that file.


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  6. Bayon

    A recreation of the Bayon, a massive temple constructed in Cambodia by order of the Khmer King-God Jayavarman VII during the XIII century.
    The map only works in SP mode. Although it is technically playable in MP mode as well, it has a lot of issues, mainly shaders and sounds, therefore it's not supported. Finding all the crystals around the temple (3 in total) will unlock a secret area.
    The map has a quite low luminosity, so you'll want to adjust the gamma in the Settings menu. There may be minor oversights, mostly technical ones, but I couldn't find any.
    To install, unpack the files in your GameData folder. To uninstall, remove Bayon.bat and the Bayon folder from your GameData folder.


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  7. Sincere Pumpkin Patch

    A sincere pumpkin patch in a rural setting, during a dark (but not stormy) night. Whether this is the most sincere pumpkin patch or not, that I do not know. What I do know is that I put my Halloween Spirit in it.
    It contains a pretty short, linear but difficult quest; explore carefully, put the pieces together, use the Force, and beware of those nasty critters.
    Unfortunately it's not really optimized, but the framerate still remained playable during my tests, especially disabling Dynamic Glow. The models seem to have problems in MP, so this is only for SP, at least for now. Aside from that, I haven't noticed any major or gamebreaking bug.
    To install, unpack the file Sincere_Pumpkin_Patch.zip into your GameData folder. To uninstall, remove the folder Sincere_Pumpkin_Patch and the file Sincere Pumpkin Patch.bat from the GameData folder.


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  8. Umbaran Blaster Rifle

    This mod replaces the base game E-11 Blaster Rifle with the Umbaran Blaster Rifle, as seen in The Clone Wars series of episodes set on that planet. It includes new blaster sounds as well as new muzzle and shot effects. It has a few minor visual glitches, but they're not really noticeable unless you're *very* close and look carefully.
    To install, unpack the file Umbaran_Blaster_Rifle.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file Umbaran_Blaster_Rifle.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.
    As requested, I added the Umbaran_Blaster_Rifle_Standalone.pk3 in case you want to add it as a standalone weapon in a code mod, as it has separate folders, texture and shader paths.


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  9. Spoder

    This mod adds a spoder NPC to the game. This mod is not meant to be serious, I made it in memory of the unknown little critter who died in Hairy Cerez's arms, or rather at his place. The model is bugged in Jedi Academy SP due to the absurd amount of geometry, which makes this probably the heaviest player model ever made. It behaves like a Wampa, so that means he has a chance to catch you and sometimes will leap at you. On the other hand, being in memory of the little critter, he's a ghost and thus you cannot attack him directly, though you can kill him with the weapons' splash damage. In short: if he comes for you, run for your life.
    That's how you turn a bug into a gameplay feature.
    To install, unpack the file Spoder.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file Spoder.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.


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  10. GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat

    This mod adds the GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat to the game as a flyable ship. Overall it is slightly faster than an X-Wing, but a less intense acceleration, a bulkier armor, heavier shields and it is overall more resistant. In an attempt to balance the increased resistance I lowered the damage the Ion Cannons deal.
    The main pilot can fire the three Ion Cannons, while in theory the other three passengers could control the top Twin Blaster Cannons, the Concussion Missile Launcher and the Proton Torpedo Launcher respectively. I haven't been able to test this feature, however, so it might not work properly. I'm also a terrible texture artist, so the textures for now are a punch in the eyes. Another minor visual bug I couldn't fix is on the left hull wing, which being mirrored from the right wing its normals were messed up, and Blender wasn't being cooperative with this. Lastly the radar icons don't show transparency correctly.
    To install, unpack the file Skipray.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file Skipray.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.


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  11. Jedi Knight Galaxies Menu Music Replacement

    This mod replaces the music played in the main menu of Jedi Knight Galaxies with the one played in the main menu and character creation menu of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, named "To Start a Journey" by some sources, and directly taken from the soundtrack of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (Track 23, The Rebel Fleet / End Title Medley). For the nostalgic players, as well as those who want to hear something different.
    I advise against using this mod in the base game, as it changes the default explore track for the mission CULT INVESTIGATION - DOSUUN (T2_DPRED), which in my opinion doesn't quite fit. The file includes two versions of the track, Short and Long. The former is a shorter version of the original track, more similar to what it sounds like in Star Wars Galaxies, while the latter is a longer version, more similar to the full version in the movie.
    To install, unpack either zzz_JKG_Menu_Music_Repl_Long.pk3 (if you want the longer version) or zzz_JKG_Menu_Music_Repl_Short.pk3 (for the shorter version) into the jkgalaxies/JKG folder. To uninstall, remove the version you picked from the jkgalaxies/JKG folder.
    Make sure you only pick one: if you choose to install both versions, most likely only the short one will play, due to the .pk3 alphabetic loading order.


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  12. 57C Holocam Replacement

    This mod replaces the default camera model with the 57C holocam model seen in the movies. I haven't noticed any frame rate drops, but due to the more complex geometry some lag might occur on slower machines. Aside from that I haven't noticed any bugs. I haven't tested it with Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, but given that the model paths are the same it should work with it as well. To install, unpack the file z_57C.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file z_57C.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.


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  13. Great Pumpkin

    The Great Pumpkin, inspired by the Peanuts comic books as well as a Simpsons Halloween Special which also features the Great Pumpkin.
    To install, unpack the file GreatPumpkin.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file GreatPumpkin.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.
    Linus van Pelt approves.


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