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  1. Nice mod, I do like :-)


    But I've a problem. I have a character with a staff. Now when I change the saber with your mod to single and switch through the different styles, it gets stuck at blue. As soon as I switch to blue style I can switch to the other styles anymore.

    That's an issue with the game. When you have all styles, it gets stuck. The only way to avoid this is to make sure the style you choose at the saber menu is medium. If you only want the 3 main ones, you have to use the command "setsaberstyle 1 setsaberstyle 2 setsaberstyle 3"


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    Not bad. Could use some touching up, but it's a good start.


    Not sure why the title of it is r_jawa_bane. You'll get a lot more attention to your mods with professionalism. It should just say Bane. Or Bane - The Dark Knight Rises. Or anything else.

    Prequel Conversion Mod

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    Cool Mod! Also I had a big grin on my face when I saw that you use my texture mod, I realized it because of the last photo from the hoth mission - one can see my custom hoth texture! Nice, makes me happy!

    Yes! You did some fantastic work with that stuff man!



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