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Noesis is a tool for previewing and converting between hundreds of model, image, and animation formats. It utilizes a robust plugin system, with support for native extension modules and Python scripts. The plugin/script API features hundreds of functions and interfaces which assist in developing new formats, tools, and visualization aids.


This program has an inbuilt auto-update option which is recommended you utilize to get the most up-to-date fixes.


What's New in Version (v4.0999)


  • -4.0999 - Added a -bakeanimscale option. Takes frame 0 of animation, bakes into geometry, and removes scale from skeleton/animation.
  • -4.0998 - Instead of transforming verts into bone-local space, MDR export now puts matrices in bind-local space. Revert to old behavior if desired with -mdrvertlocal.
  • -4.0997 - When using -g2exforceskeleton 1, will force all GLM verts to be weighted to root.
  • -4.0996 - Fixed -md3tbone only working when exporting with animation data. Now works for exporting static geometry with a skeleton as well.
  • -4.0995 - Fixed a typo in the GLM importer which could result in duplicated materials with the same name, causing problems for some exporters.
  • -4.0994 - Added -g2extrivertshift and -g2extagtrivertshift. Allows shifting triangle indices for tag/non-tag GLM surfaces.
  • -4.0993 - Fixed parent/child indices not being correctly remapped when using -g2exorderbonesfromgla on GLA export.
  • -4.0992 - Added -g2exorderbonesfromgla and -g2exforceskeleton for GLM/GLA exporters.
  • -4.0991 - Various fixes.

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Why was this uploaded when it can be downloaded from Rich Whitehouse's website?

He agreed to have it mirrored here, where people can find it more easily.

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But hmm...
Seems it can't convert any other format to .glm, isn't it?
Or not so obviously as it can appear at first sight at least...

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Why can't it export models to .glm?

Ask Rich that


No it cannot open GLM/GLA together to view a model with attached animations, they're 2 separate files, this is what ModView is for.

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Ask Rich that


No it cannot open GLM/GLA together to view a model with attached animations, they're 2 separate files, this is what ModView is for.

You can load the GLM, then drag and drop the GLA from an explorer to apply the animation to the model. Or you can install this script: https://code.google.com/p/noesis-plugins-official/source/browse/trunk/Rich/tool_applytopreview.py It'll give you an "Apply to Preview" right-click context menu for the in-app file list.


When exporting, you can use -loadanim filename.gla to combine the model+anim into a single export target like FBX. Although keep in mind that the FBX SDK doesn't cope very nicely with 20,000 frames of animation, so you may be waiting a bit if you try it with the standard humanoid.

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Added a "Force texture path" option under Persistent settings->Other in the data viewer. This is a semicolon-delimited lists of additional global texture paths.


I like this one very much @RichW

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Dude i have a small problem in Noesis


I have extracted a sith pureblood model from STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC by using Ninja Ripper


A friend suggested me to use it for extracting


I can see textures of the model but Noesis doesnt see .rip format meshes


My friend can see meshes but i cant


Please help me to solve this problem

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