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  1. 238 downloads

    This includes an optional overwrite for the normal Rancor NPC this is basically an modification of the base JKA textures to make them look like a rancor from felucia , based on SW the force unleashed >_> *this file includes a normal and a glowy npc* spawn codes : npc spawn feluciarancor npc spawn feluciarancor_glow
  2. Version v1.1


    I made this Jawa reskin , originally for JAU , but I decided to expand it and make an complete Jawa pack... this includes : - a new jawa skin with Team and bot support -a Fusion cutter as lightsaber -a Jawa Ionization blaster , DEMP2 replacement spawn codes : npc spawn TFU_jawa npc spawn TFU_jawa2 npc spawn TFU_jawa3 *to all Jawa fans outside there : I hope you enjoy this package* ******************************************************************** Additions : -the Jawa pack was split in 3 sepperate files : Jawa,Ionization Blaster,Fusion cutter -a pk3 file was added that overwrites the base jawa with mine (put z_jawa_overwrite_AshuraDX.pk3 in your basefolder)
  3. 258 downloads

    I know a lot of people use set g_knockback to increase the power of their force push but what allways pissed me of at that code was that it effected kicks and weapons too. Now this has come to an end ! I wrote a small program that allows you to change the power of your force push without effecting other things but sadly it doesnt overwrite JA's original force push so you have to use a cheatcode or my small program to bind the "new" force push to a button How to use : start the program and click the "how to" Button it'll give you all further information you need
  4. 155 downloads

    these 2 swords are featured in the "Gothic" Games they are the most powerfull swords in the first 2 games of the series here are a few short story informations about the swords : -Uriziel was forged ages ago and used by a General in the human army ,at that time it posessed an unbelieveable power that allowed the user to break through every Protection. Even though the swords power the orcs managed to defeat the General and stole the sword because they feared it they hid it deep inside the sleeper-temple. With time , Uriziel lost its powers. A long time after that the sword was recovered by the so called "nameless-hero", he restored it'S powers and used it to defeat the Sleeper. as the sleeper was defeated the temple started to fall apart and Uriziel was shut deep within the destroyed temple. -Beliar's Claw was forged by the dark god of death and chaos , Beliar. the sword itself is relativly weak but Beliar sealed a part of his powers in the sword. Quahodron , the Warcommander of Jharkendar somehow got his hands on the sword. His son , Rhademes couldn't withstand the power of the sword. This led to the fall of Jharkendar . After that the sword has been sealed in the Adanos temple. the gate to Jharkendar was sealed also to make sure that noone will ever find the sword again. But shortly after the sleeper has been defeated by the "nameless-hero" Raven found a way to Jharkendar and took the sword , therebye becoming Beliar's Commander , he was supposed to lead Beliar's armys in war. With the help of the Water-mages the "nameless-hero" managed to reach Jharkendar and kill Raven , he then gave the sword to Saturas, the highest Water-mage, to destroy it
  5. 219 downloads

    so....... at 1.10.2010 I had a look at filefront forums and found a request from Xu'an because I liked the design and always wanted to do a lightsaber like this one I fullfilled his request and now have fun with it
  6. 1,472 downloads

    so....... another Request I fullfilled this is Darth Nhihilus lgihtsaber hilt there isn't really more to say except : [[Originally Posted by Illrian Damaris]:"His lightsaber reminds me of something women use to please themselves."] if you want to use the saber in SP you can use this (cheat)code : "saber nihilus"
  7. 2,292 downloads

    just Starkillers new lightsabers from TFU2 I highly recommand to use Katanamaru's Backhand saber animations with my sabers get them here : http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Katanamaru_Backhand_Styles;117204 for those of you who dont like backhand sabers I included a normal single saber version the spawn codes are : saber TFU2 saber TFU2_bh and now : have fun !
  8. 1,019 downloads

    This is my entry for The Sith saber contest I dont think there's more to say about this ;P if you want to use the saber in SP you can use this (cheat)code : "saber w_varac"
  9. 414 downloads

    just antoher saber request I picked up this contains 2 lightsabers : Haazens lightsaber and a backhanded version of it I've also added (optional) SP support for both If you want to use them in SP without having to start a new game enable cheats and type this in the console "saber haazen" for the normal version of Haazens lightsaber "saber haazen_bh" for the backhand version !!!! IMPORTANT !!!! This collides with other SP compatible saber hilts , if you want to use SP support for this you have to remove all other hilts with SP support from your basefolder
  10. 108 downloads

    This file Includes The Dagger of time as it's seen in the Prince of Persia Movie. I'd suggest to use the dagger in the left and a sword in the right the daggers range is very limited therefore its damagescale is set to 2 spawn code : saber DOT_Movie
  11. 100 downloads

    Haha this will be fun for a few players while other will be seriously pissed what this mini mod does is quite simple : It makes cloaked enemies really invisible this makes it really hard to see them as they're not half as glossy anymore
  12. 248 downloads

    If you've played Devil May Cry 4 , you'll surely remember this gun I always like the look of this gun and I've modeled it for the third or fourth time, this being the best and first officially released variant of the Blue Rose for Jedi Academy ! It comes completely with new effects , sounds (recorded from Devil May Cry 4)and an external pk3 to replace the JKA'S duel music with Nero's combat theme "the time has come" from Devil May Cry 4 .
  13. Version v1


    Allright people this is the release of my first(!) Saberbuilder Kit for those who didnt see my thread at filefront forums here'S a short introduction to what it does and how to use it :My saberbuilder allows you to build your own lightsaber hilt from premade parts, save it and then use it in Jedi Academy .There are 331776 possible combinations ! REQUIREMENTS : -7zip needs to be installed if you want my tool to make a pk3 for you CONTENTS : the "utillity" folder SBAssets.pk3 Examplehilts.pk3 SaberBuilderkit_Template.obj HOW TO USE IT : at first download and install 7zip , it's used by my saberbuilder to make a PK3 , once you got it installed put the contents of this . zip archive in your JKA base folder then you should find a folder called utillity in your basefolder open the folder and run saberbuilder.exe , select your saber parts now and give your hilt a name , you may not use spaces ! once you got that done feel free to alter the Blade length and a default sabercolor in SP . When you'Re done with making your hilt it's time to save when you click the save button a "DOS" like box will open ,once it's done close it and exit the saberbuilder , in the utillity folder you'll find a file named Yourhilt.pk3 rename that one if you wish and move it to your basefolder .Run the game and enjoy your saber for everybody who wants to add one or more saber parts to this pack I've made a template named Saberbuilerkit_Template.obj , if you want to help me by making me some saberparts please notice this : - use 8 sides for cylindric parts of your saber hilt not more not less -the saber parts MUST fit the template , you may have 4 main parts named Emitter,Body,Handle and Pommel buttons can be placed on your Body and handle parts -if you make multiple saber parts UV map them to one UV map if you have further questions then drop a comment here or e-mail me , that's it from me for now, have fun !
  14. Version v0.5


    most of the weapons altair used in Assassins Creed started (and stopped) working at this summer 2010 this pack includes 6 weapons : throwing knives - replacement for the blasterpistol menu icon and info texts have been changed aswell all default languages supported Altair's hiddenblade - saberhilt , bolted to wrist deals a ton of damage but has a very limited range Altair's Shortsword - saberhilt ,because of it's short range the damage has been set up Altair's Shortsword 2 - saberhilt , backhand version of the above weapon Al Mualims sword - saberhilt, the first sword you get in Assassins creed 1 Altair's Sword -saberhilt, the second sword you get in Assassins creed 1 all of these weapons got blood splatter effects , which I adopted from antother author I forgot who made this blood effects so I'm sorry for nto being able to give "perfect" credit =/
  15. 2,123 downloads

    Hey folks , I love assassins creed and star wars , so I asked : what happens if I mix both up ? this is the result =D While I dont think this weapon will really be usefull for combat , without new animations , I can imagine some of you RP'ers will be able to use it the saber is simply named "Assassin" it strangely appears at the bototm of the saber list for me so make sure to check the entire hilt list . I know that there are some sclaing issues and some clipping but it's pretty hard to avoid hat because all models are different. Oh and also : This weapon doesnt work (correctly) with JK2 playermodels ! if you want to use it to slaughter some Cultists in singleplayer do this : open up the console and type : helpusobi 1 (or devmap all) then type : saber Assassin and if you want to dual wield this weapon type : saber Assassin Assassin I think that's it people and now have fun at stabbing your friends ;D
  16. 355 downloads

    Hey people wuzzup ? the title should explain what this is ;D it's been thought as a joke first but as people liked the idea of having a minecraft character in JKA I simply rigged this guy up for the game the UV maps of this guy fit minecrafts UV's so u can use your favorite minecraft skin with this model but you will need to modify my shaderfile / make a new one to get the skin show up right if you dont your character will have a black box on his head , I will upload a video tutorial for people that run into problems I wanted to include the original Minecraft character textures but sadly Notch didnt reply and so I couldn't get his permission to do so Features : a Minecraft styled Kyle Katarn skin for this model made by me can be used in Minecraft aswell a Minecraft styled Stormtrooper skin for this model made by me can be used in Minecraft aswell red and blue team skins for both variations bot support How to use : after installing the mod by dropping the PK3 in your basefolder open up the cheat console and type r_textureMode GL_NEAREST
  17. 1,513 downloads

    Hey everybody , here's something that many of you will love ! The Mandalorian Neo Crusader ! I think the only other models I've seen being requested more than this have been Starkiller and the Sith Stalker anyway , as usual for my work , this boy comes with a whole bunch of extras FEATURES : 4 skin Variations default (light blue) red and blue teamskins Gold skin NPC support to spawn these in singleplayer enter cheatmode by typing "helpusobi 1" in the console then type "npc spawn x" instead of x use either : NeoCrusader ~ Default Neo Crusader NeoCrusader_red ~ Red Neo Crusader NeoCrusader_blue ~ Blue Neo Crusader NeoCrusader_gold ~ Gold Neo Crusader Bot Support just look up "NeoCrusader" in the botslist in MP
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