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Secret Santa 2016


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Hello and Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Everyone got their gifts in, and they have been distributed! Good job all, there was some really cool stuff made. I also apologize to those that asked for more info regarding their person. I completely forgot to check the account periodically.


Remember, if you want to release your gift publicly, make sure you ask the person you made it for first. At the very least, perhaps some pictures could suffice too. We'd love to see some of those creations!


Hope ya'll had a great weekend.


I've counted 6 gifts. Loved the one for Redsaurus! :D

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I was a very lucky Iffo and got a hilt of Gungi's Lightsaber. Although just arrived back and seem to have a bug with it in-game?




Happy for it to be released publically too if the author wishes it!


As for the person I had, I assume the message was passed on, so feel free to contact me if you require anything!

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  • 3 weeks later...

We had 10 participants. I think about 8 of them were mods. Why?

it's just that it felt like the whole thing passed by uneventfully - no updates, very little comments, stuff like that...

though I suppose since it's secret santa, there shouldn't have been any...

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