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I want to show off my menacing walk cycle but camtasia studio isn't cooperating on uploading to youtube. =(


@@DT85, since you're familiar these days with the games code could you possibly make a list of the swings needed to make a saber style? I know there are the standard 8 directions but aren't there like these funny, in between, short sequences?

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I feel like the movement of the feet need a little tweaking but I've been fooling around with this. The rig is totally custom other than the SI spine, I had to reweigh the model, just used the CS biped as a snapping guide. I'll set up the saber to be an actual control object that drives the animation for the rhang_tag_bone.


What do you guys think so far of the walk cycle at least? Any changes needed? I tried to make the steps heavy and the overall look of it menacing.

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Yeah, I had lowered it some but not all that snapping of the joint is gone, I'm gonna lower it some more. Should only take a second. I've got some ideas already brewing for the swings and the jump animation. I'm not going to implement a combat roll, I feel like this guy isn't very acrobatic, he wont be flipping either when jumping.


I got rid of a keyframe that I was using on the feet to make the stepping look more heavy, seems I didn't need it since I achieved the affect using the foot roll controller.

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Thanks, if you notice I got into some basic scripting and I have that little custom tool box floating on the top left that allows me to with a click of a button go back to the root pose or any other pose that would be useful.


I also need to tweak the torso weights some more.

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@@Psyk0Sith, since you have the high poly and low poly would you be able to bake all the maps out needed to set this guy up for PBR? Reason I'm asking other than needing it once he's in game but @@Archangel35757 and I want to make .fx shaders for both Softimage and Max to be able to mimic what the model would look like in the game engine.


Maybe we'd do better with @@AshuraDX's Clone trooper? ...since it is already PBR?

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