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I tinkered with some helmet design...






Very nice. I think taking some artistic license with the design is a good move - being able to incorporate more Gamorrean and Kowakian features into the final product makes them more consistent with how they're described over how they actually looked.

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You left lol.


Now I gotta find someone else that can code and maybe do a handful of other things to take your place cause I can only really animate and a mediocre modeler at best. I did at least download Radiant but next to a 3d art package it makes no sense.

I can code, but i'll look thought DF2 commits first b4 i'm certain i know what needs to be added lol

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Oh yeah, I forgot this game you can't have the rigging pose different to the basepose for animations. Had my mind elsewhere in 2016, not 2002 lol. :P

Well, but we are planning to make a custom NPC Rig and retarget the animations onto it. So the current sculpted pose will be the root pose.
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