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What are your plans for this summer?

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  1. 1. What are your plans for the summer?

    • Going to play lots of JKA/JK2!
    • Going to work on mods!
    • Going to play something other than JKA/JK2!
    • Work/School! Wait...that's no fun...
    • Something else!

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I have a ton of coding projects I want to work on, but we'll see if I get around to any of that... What I can say for sure though is that I will go to Seattle and watch the Finals of the Dota 2 World Championship, The International.

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The short answer is: Yes, but not for everyone and only if we conceive of life as tragic. The long answer is 80 pages and in German. However, I do believe I have a 9000 words version in English lying around somewhere here that I used for a talk I gave at KCL last year. I might look for it if you're interested.

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