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  1. Impressive Phantom of the Opera, eez Now do dis
  2. Does anyone have the HUD from this file https://jkhub.org/files/file/1934-dash-for-jedi-academy-by-8t88/ ? I have a faint memory of making a TFU HUD like that, but I sincerely doubt mine looked that good, so anyone?

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    2. AshuraDX


      http://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Mods/Mini-Mods/113981 looks like that one


    3. AshuraDX


      which is yours appearently ^^

    4. spior


      Jesus Christ, that readme :(

  3. @@ensiform @@Didz @@Circa @@eezstreet this guy did everything pretty much right, ports forwarded, people can connect to the server etc but it just doesn't show on masterlist. He tried wiresharking it and doesn't get anything. also, using openjampDed, but doesn't work on jampDed either
  4. Say, old people, when ep 3 came out, was it a huge plot twist when Sidious was revealed to be Palpatine or did you see it coming?

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    2. Bek


      What do you like about it Circa?

    3. z3filus


      ofcourse it wasnt a surprise; for years we knew he was sidious, do'h same actor -.- same voice = obvious

    4. MagSul


      I guess that was a potential surprise for anyone who hadn't seen the original trilogy back then! I did spoil Anakin's fate for someone in High School by accident. =/ He... hadn't seen them. =P

  5. Anyone know how to make a desktop shortcut for JKA MP on steam?

    1. Circa


      Right click on it? Or am i missing something

    2. spior


      To get to MP you need to right click -> Launch multiplayer. I'm asking how to make a desktop shortcut for that.

    3. Onysfx


      I was going to say go into the steamapps folder, but just realized you can't do that. I know there is a way, I've done something just like that with another game before...but I forget now.

  6. instructions unclear, script stuck in infinite loop
  7. spior


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPDZWEy0Nbs heh
  8. sooo... game of thrones stream?

    1. z3filus


      not yet...

    2. spior


      the episodes leaked anyway so :D

    3. z3filus


      I'm having difficulties finding the first ep in HQ :<

  9. Could I... get a link to that backhand animation? Looks hot
  10. So anyone happen to know the etiquette on mods in the steam version? I can't seem to install custom mp mods (yes makermod) It just doesn't show up in the "Mods" menu
  11. pass through the code? Meaning start the program and break it then press f10 until it crashes. I'm really sorry I left you with this mess, but that fucking site would have killed me. It only worked when it wanted to D: Ugh you can IM me for specifics or something, I guess since it's my code I should be able to understand it better hopefully
  12. spior


    I don't know how the menu code functions AT ALL, but I'm guessing you're not passing a local variable menuDef_t to that function. If you're passing a menuDef_t* (pointer) then you'd need to do some shit like itemDef_t CreateItem(menuDef_t **menu, int type)then pass it as CreateItem(&menu, type); or whatever.Ooooor you can just pass a pointer to menu->ItemCount if that's the only thing that needs to change. So it'd become... itemDef_t CreateItem(menuDef_t **menu, int type, int *ItemCount) { ... *ItemCount++; }But yeah someone correct me if I'm over-complicating this.
  13. Hey hey, what's with all the negativity? We do have an IRC channel as @@eezstreet said and I don't see why it'd drive away use of the site, IRC is different than websites. Chatting is fun :[
  14. basically LCD pros: smaller cons: shittier CRT cons: bigger pros: better
  15. Jesus, man. How is it even possible to compare the two...
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