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Tried to made myself in here, but should've change the face texture, since this one of Jeff's Kanan makes me look more older than i really am xD that is my favorite outfit with my Kylo Ren / First Order hoodie and yes i do like to wear around my Anakin/Luke saber (but just when i'm home) :D



would it be too much to ask that you pass me that model of yours?

would it be too much to ask that you pass me that model of yours?

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Amazing. I like how Vader looks like Sebastian Shaw a little and also Hayden. Truly great texturing.

Agreed! At first I wanted to comment on how I'd rather see Shaw's Anakin over Hayden's, but then I took a closer look and noticed that it's like they're both there somehow.

Very well executed indeed!

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You all realize that this is my old attempt of bringing back Sebastian Shaw's Anakin version a couple of pages before. It is the well known photoshop version of Sebastian + Hayden as there are sadly not too much good quality images of Sebastian in front view.


I know you've tried it before. I just like how well this latest one has turned out with the redeemed clothing.

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Having goosebumps with JKnewGuy's amazing map of Snoke
















Was thinking the same thing....







Are any of these Kylo assets gonna be released in their entirety at all? They're actually well-shaped and not complicated frankensteins with horrible vert errors and quake2-level modelling

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Solo (pack will be updated shortly).





Patrol Trooper (on speeder bike, that chased Han on the first few seconds of the trailer).

Model is inspired from SW Black Series toy line for Solo movie.




Stormtrooper from Mimban mission (either most of them or just few of them will have cape).




Range Trooper (the actual one, turns out looks like below from SW Black Series and not what LEGO released earlier):








New X-Wing vehicle (Original Trilogy) with R2 unit. The model is entirely from Force Arena mobile game and it does not replace the base X-Wing vehicle.










i have 2 different models of the patrol trooper if you would like to convert them

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On 12/25/2018 at 11:30 PM, Deathscythe said:
would it be too much to ask that you pass me that model of yours?

would it be too much to ask that you pass me that model of yours?

can someone swap the head on that model with kylo ren so you can have a redeemed ben solo

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