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  1. I got it but it's rly messy to much to fix ?
  2. Can you send me that model then ? ? doesn't matter what texture is on ?
  3. It doesn't need to be. I just send Dropbox link prv it was easiest for me, I wasn't sure if I can post it here. But now we've got link ?
  4. U can g2animent npc that holds saber in multiplayer but saber is not on and they just standing still.
  5. Thx for answer. I'm sadly must say it wasn't very helpful because that command g2animent can spawn Luke or a Jedi or Desann and they cant use sabers as well. I need to w8 for some1 who know that mod/command I'm talking about. I'll try contact some1 who was working on it if it possible ?
  6. Ok ? First thing first. It's "Jedi Knight: outcast 2" I'm talking about. ad 1. In academy mod ( https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Outcast/Mods/Multiplayer/26155/ ) there is command that allow you to spawn NPC on a server (you need devmapall) /g2animent to spawn a NPC (description in readme file in mode pack). ad 2. "npc that would be able to use lightsaber not only hold a hilt" by that I mean that you can spawn NPC with lightsaber but the NPC is just hold the hilt and do nothing (when you give him a weapon he can walk/run, shoot) ad 3. PhatMOD (1.0) ( https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Outcast/Mods/Multiplayer/5220/ ) that mod allow you to scale models (for example Yoda can be small ? and few others nice feature. And now ? I was wondering if it's possible to spawn an NPC (using g2animent command) that would be able to fight with lightsaber? On Academy and PhatMOD ?
  7. Is it possible to g2animent npc that would be able to use lightsaber not only hold a hilt? And if so would it be hard to make it works on phatmod ??
  8. I've send u prv message ?
  9. they are missing just to many textures in JO to play on them ;/
  10. nice maps but most of textures are not shown in jk2
  11. Hi there nice job you've made. Is there any download link to rifl and ilum map? And are they for jka or jk2?
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